11th May 2016 Zoe Miranda

10 cards to satisfy all the foodies in your life

Here at thortful we realise that we talk about food A LOT. And we’re sure we’re not the only ones, so we decided to put together our favourite collection of foodie cards for any occasion.

For the talkative foodie

We know what it’s like when you’re meeting a friend after work. You’ve probably skipped lunch and had an apple as a snack as you salivate over your dinner plans. However, these friends just don’t get it. They want to catch up first, order later. A big no, no…therefore we think they deserve the waffler card.


For the foodie that can’t actually eat anything

We’re not sure what these foodies did in the cavemen days, but they’re still on our list nonetheless. They’re the friends that find ordering off a menu virtually impossible, but we love them anyway as most of the time you’re catching up on their sofa with a cuppa…who needs restaurants eh!


For the budget foodie

These guys have perfected the art of producing a meal on a budget. Whatever they make, it smells and tastes delicious, and frankly we’re left wondering how they did it.56558b21e4b025ab258dce57_mediumFor the Sunday bruncher

These guys are uber-chic, usually found living on the East Side and dining in breakfast clubs, whilst instagramming their Eggs Royale. We envy you, food fashionista. Here’s a card celebrating your favourite feast.


For the bread basket addict

They may be a foodie and enjoy fine dining, but when they’re out they beeline for the bread basket before you’ve even said hello. By the time you’ve ordered they’re asking for more butter. No harm, no foul…just tasty carbs…mmmm bread56310150e4b07b51b1b25a58_mediumFor the ones with the sweet tooth.

Most of us are all probably one of these, even if we keep it hidden. These guys scour the menu backwards deciding on dessert and adjusting their starter and main accordingly. We have no issue with that, to be honest, they seem pretty smart to us…crumbs.


For the cheese lovers

These guys deserved a category of their own, as they seem to be everywhere! So here you go…. Picking one card was pretty tricky, but there’s always more…

5726d10ee4b055104e2f2040_mediumFor the savoury sadist

They shun cakes and sweets in search of a healthier lifestyle. However if you’re ever near one of these foodies, you’ll hear a suspicious crunching coming from their corner most of the time. These guys feast on the savoury snacks. Their desk draws are full of packets from supermarkets and health stores, just ready to top them up throughout the day. Nothing gets them more talkative than whole mixed nuts and curly cashews…so declare your love in words they’ll understand.


For the liquid lunch foodie

We didn’t think it was fair to leave out a certain foodie group. These guys prefer liquid lunches to cosy dinners in and takeaways on the sofa, and when the weather gets brighter we tend to find them hanging out in packs, in beer gardens across the land. A rather friendly bunch, these guys can go anywhere on their own and come home with a whole new group of pals. The friendliest of foodies – we salute you!


For the ‘there’s always one…’ foodie.

These guys.


For all other food occasions, we’re sure we’ve got you covered…and if not, well…why not join us as a creator and design your own!

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