Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Mondays are ideal for inspiring projects, as they provide you with the right motivation to work harder, until you achieve the desired results. Eva Winters certainly knows how to be creatively consistent, combining photography with the right typography, turning her Instagram feed into a piece of art.

And if you need a bigger motivational boost, make sure you check Eva’s Daily Type Challenge, a yearly project that is all about artistic consistency, proving that creativity is never lost!

How do you find inspiration for your next design?

I know this may sound cliché however I find inspiration everywhere. I have a note in my phone where I write down bits and pieces of inspiration. Some sparks come mostly from music, films, Scripture, world events, or just daily encounters with friends and family. Some of those sparks of creativity have been marinating in there for awhile while some barely spend a day or two in creative limbo. Read more

Creating ‘Smart Art’ with Kristián Mensa


Creativity can be found everywhere, even in everyday objects. Kristián Mensa and his art prove that an orange, a pasta, or a brush may lead to impressive results.

Kristián is a young artist from Prague that loves using normally uninteresting objects, using his imagination to give a new meaning to them. With more than 32 thousand followers on his Instagram account and press coverage from Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Elite Daily, and so many others, we couldn’t help but discover more about the ‘smart art’ of Kristián.

– How did you come up with the idea of ‘Smart Art’?

I’ve received a lot of comments and positive feedback – Most of the time I was told how smart and clever I am. Sometimes even a genius was mentioned so I’ve decided to call my work Smart Art – since it nicely describes what I do plus it has a playful rhyme. But to make things clear. I definitely do not call myself or think of myself as a genius. Practice during long nights or on Fridays when everyone else was having a drink is what helped me to expand my creative thinking and improve my drawing skills. (But there is still a lot what to get better at) Read more

Food photography by Jessica Leibowitz

Food photography by Jessica Leibowitz

Food is always a favourite topic of discussion at Thortful HQ and we love discovering new tastes all over the world. Food photography may turn out very impressive, especially when you feel like you’re ready to actually enjoy the depicted food.

Jessica Leibowitz is a freelance photographer & videographer living, working and eating throughout New York, Boston, and beyond, with her food photography being vivid and realistic. Read more

Interview with Stef Rymenants

Interview with Stef Rymenants

Do you remember your first drawing/illustration?
Not really, but ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing most of the time. Super-cars, monsters and animals.

How did you start drawing/illustrating? Did you learn it on your own?
At 15, I went to art school. Later on, I managed to get a master degree in graphic design at KASK in Ghent.
After study, I worked several years as an art director in advertising and I was always impressed by the work of the illustrators. Read more