Leap Yeah! 5 facts about Leap year to blow your mind!

It only occurs once every four years but a leap year manages to do everything from create cause for celebration to throwing some people off kilter, here are five of our favourite facts about this special day to get you started.

Rapper Ja Rule is officially 10, born in 1976 this will the 10th time he can celebrate his birthday. We think this card seems a good choice for the happy hip-hop mogul.

pandaRussians believe Leap Years can bring freak weather and a higher risk of dying. Whilst in Italy they say “anno bisesto, anno funesto” meaning leap year gloomy weather.stormy weatherLadies get their chance to propose on this day too, thought to be established by St Patrick after a nun complained women had to wait too long for their suitors.

What’s not so well known are the forfeits men have to pay if they refuse, currently standing at £1 or 12 pairs of gloves depending on who you ask.

lady proposeThe US Presidential elections are also always held in a leap year one of many events which often help make leap years extra significant.


Leap years are technically called intercalation days but as that’s not very catchy they were renamed to describe the way the extra day causes significant events to skip ahead and fall one day later.


Five Trends from London Fashion Week that Make Great Greetings Cards!

London Fashion Week isn’t all about sharp silhouettes and shades, there’s also a riot of artistic inspiration sashaying down the catwalks. We picked our five favourite trends, which also happen to be great inspiration for greeting cards too.

Kicking of LFW in Style was Ryan Lo, taking inspiration from his native home of Hong Kong and favourite films; his collection was a riot of colour and feminine details. Think Geisha make up, fur and florals teamed with kitten heels and pom pom socks. What appealed to us though were the seductive combinations of pink, raspberry and plum and the voluminous shapes which led us to Deborah Ballinger’s beautiful Chinese lanterns for a stunning way to say “Zhuhe” or Congratulations as you may know it.

Round Chinese Lanterns in Red, purple and Pink


Florals were also big news at Alexander McQueen where models wore floor length sheer gowns embroidered with rich colourful blooms. Nestling within these were delicate lace and sequin butterflies, whose fragile beauty added the finishing touches to a stunning collection. Often seen as a symbol of hope these lovely creatures are also a great way to send a cheerful message too.



Skip next to everyone’s best F(u)riends- pets! Shrimps led the way with their fabulous faux fur coats and accessories, as soft to the touch as your favourite pussy or pooches coat. Their ready-to-wear also featured hand drawn kitty motifs making this collection a real treat for feline fans. As puss puss also means kiss kiss in Swedish it’s also the perfect inspiration to send a little smooch to your favourite kitty lover.

Line drawing of a black cat

Black cat on greeting card


From pets to more ethereal realms at Sibling’s show where catsuits, glitter and stars galore were on the menu. Be it shimmering silver details in knitted sweaters or bolder yellow and black constellations, it made for a deliciously stellar collection. It’s also the inspiration for our favourite compliment if you want to show someone they’ve really made your day.

Thank you card decorated with rainbow stars

Rainbow stars thank you card


Lastly, how can we talk goodwill and greetings without thinking love hearts? Luckily Mary Katranzou came to the rescue with her hypnotic prints. Psychedelic hearts repeated to create shimmering skirts and on jackets she allowed models to literally wear their heart on their sleeves. May we suggest if you feel like doing the same that Celia Hyland’s design would be an ultra stylish way to get your point across?

Pink and red heart Greeting Card

Pink and red hand drawn heart greeting card,


Until next season sweeties!


Interview with Charly Clements


View this card on thortful here.

How did you start as an illustrator?

I have always had a passion for drawing. Ever since I could hold a pencil you would find me sketching away on anything I could get my hands on! I knew I wanted to have a creative career, but it wasn’t until I started University that I decided to specialize in Illustration. Just before moving to Berlin I took part in New Designers in London, where I showcased my final major project, ‘procrastination’. I was very lucky to get picked to do an internship at Tigerprint. While there I had the opportunity to learn new techniques and even got to design greeting cards for Marks and Spencers. That was a great experience! I have always been big on puns and word play, so it’s been amazing that I can combine my two biggest loves.

Do you remember your first illustration?

I remember my first detailed illustration when I was 8. I decided to draw all of the Beano characters on one A4 page, and my mum secretly sent it into the Beano where it got published. That is still one of my biggest claims to fame actually.


How do you remain consistently inspired?

One of my biggest inspirations has got to be my followers. I enjoy making people happy, and knowing my work brings a smile to people’s faces is why I love my job so much! I find inspiration from everywhere, and constantly doodle whenever ideas pop into my head. I have also just invested in a waterproof notepad that I keep in the bathroom, as I always have my best ideas whilst in the shower.


View this card on thortful here.

Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?

My boyfriend and I have nearly finished a project we’ve been working on called ‘Gin & Juiced’, which specializes in naughty greeting cards and quirky prints. We have very complimenting skills, and it’s been a lot of fun working together. We will be launching very soon so I can’t give too much away!


Could you pick your favourite thortful card you created up to now?

It would have to be my ‘Gin to my Tonic’ card, because gin.


What’s your favourite social network to promote your work?

I would have to say Instagram! I find it’s a great way to get your work reached by a lot of new people daily. I also love how you can follow tags, and see when people have bought a card and tagged you in it. I still get that warm fuzzy feeling inside when someone buys one of my cards.


Tell us about your professional plans for the future. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

I’ve actually just bought a one way ticket to South East Asia, so it’s very hard to say. But I am planning on freelancing on the road, and hope that the beautiful surroundings and many adventures will inspire my work in exciting new ways. Watch this space!


View this card on thortful here.

Name: Charly Clements

City: Berlin

Favourite Quote: “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

Dream destination: Mars

Favourite Colour: Vibrant pink and teal

3 things you’d take on a desert island: Art supplies, music and my boyfriend (It was a toss-up between him and pizza).

Most embarrassing moment you’ve experienced: Putting a euro in a man’s coffee cup thinking he was homeless, to then realize he wasn’t actually homeless, but in fact just holding a full cup of coffee. I never turned back to see his reaction.

Favourite joke: Why did the scarecrow get promoted? Because he was outstanding in his field.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 14.20.50 

Check out Charly’s profile on thortful here.

Website: www.charlyclements.com

Instagram: @charlyclementsillustration

Twitter: @charlyclements

Facebook: charlyclementsillustration

Interview with Peter Cole & Claire Barrie


How did you come up with the idea of Reigning Cats . . . and dogs?

Claire and I had previously collaborated on a card range which was licensed and distributed by UK-leading greetings company Paperlink, but for this range we decided to publish independently. We wanted complete creative control in order to create cards we loved and hoped others would love too. Pets bring so much simple joy to their owners, and it is so lovely to acknowledge, share and foster that. Our furry friends bring so much humour and love to our lives, and this is just what we hope our cards will bring to their recipients.

What inspires you?

We love the big personalities and quirky behaviour that our furry friends possess. They naturally provide a constant source of humour which we tap into to create cards that other pet owners can identify with and be tickled by. We wanted cards that celebrated this, and suspected that other people would too. So far our sales and pawsitive (sorry, couldn’t resist) customer feedback show this overwhelmingly to be the case. Cats and dogs are beautiful creatures, and a real joy to illustrate. Besides this, we think what makes cats and dogs such purrfect (Claire could have resisted, but I couldn’t) subjects for greeting cards is that they are, in essence, precisely what the best jokes should be, short and sweet. 

Do you remember the first cat/dog illustration?

Claire: I think the first idea I illustrated was the one with the curled up cat hogging the entire bed (“She’ll wake up feeling a little catty”). That was a regular occurrence for about 10 years of my life.

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