A Cup of Tea With…oi Doris

After meeting Ann Worsnip aka oi Doris at #PGLive, we were left wowed by her incredible, artistic designs created just with a TYPEWRITER! 

Ahead of her #thortfulTakeover this coming weekend, we sat down for a chat with the face of oi Doris to find out her secrets to creating greeting cards using only a typewriter. Oh, and she let us in on a few tricks as well…


A typewriter is considered a real vintage gem! When did you think of creating artwork using one?
It all started by chance! I made portraits of my nephews children for Christmas presents – I thought it would be something a little different.  That was 2 years ago and I haven’t stopped typing since.

Is there a certain trick to it?
It’s actually like colour by numbers. I put down a sketch first and then fill it in with different letters and symbols.

What’s been the trickiest design you’ve made using this method?
It has to be Lytham Windmill, which is a local landmark.  I just couldn’t get the sails to look straight.

How long does a typical design take to create?
A typical design can actually take me anything from a couple of hours to a few days. Lytham Windmill for example took me three days!

What inspires your designs?
My inspiration seems to be mainly focused on boys toys! If you notice, a lot of my designs are cars, bikes, planes, which probably comes from having a family full of boys! I do like to do local landmarks and buildings too.

Tell us a story behind one of your designs…
It has to be the story of the Ferrari.  This was originally a commission I did for a friend. He actually owned Nigel Mansells Ferrari and when he sold it, his wife commissioned me to do a type of it, so it could hang in the garage instead. When he sold it, it eventually was then owned by Chris Evans, and it was one of the many cars that was being auctioned off by him last year.

Are there any designs you’re particularly proud of?
I do like the hare – I think he is a very cheeky chap!

What do you do after a long day of creating artwork?
You would think I would stop being creative, but I swap the typewriter for the potters wheel. I have just bought a second-hand one from eBay and I love it! It’s very tactile and relaxing. I also like to do Aerial pilates, where you hang upside down in a hammock type thing!

Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you…
Lol! I’m 50 and have two grandsons!

Facebook or Twitter?


Lastly, name three designers who we should definitely be f0llowing right now…

A local chap called Robin Ross, who is a screen printer (@Robinprint). Another designer whose work I love is Helen Gillespie of Betsy and Els (@betsyandels). Helen laser cuts her designs and I love Grayson Perry! Have you seen his new sculpture?

See all of Ann’s designs on thortful here.