A Cup of Tea With…Emma Garland

Oh we do love sitting down with our creators and having a chat. This week we grabbed a catch-up with Emma Garland from Little Red Apple ahead of her exciting #thortfulTakeover on our Instagram page this weekend.



What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning, ready for the working day?
I read my emails first thing in the morning. Once I’ve walked my kids to school I come home, make a coffee and start work, but a few times a week I try to do some exercise before getting started on my work, as I find it difficult to motivate myself to do it later in the day!  It’s really good for clearing my head and I guess I’m more productive afterwards.

Do you have any crazy work dreams, which keep you up at night?
I will admit that I do often think about possible new designs as I’m going to sleep, but fortunately I’m not (so far, anyway) troubled by crazy work dreams!

What food fuels your work?
Coffee definitely keeps me going throughout the day and I aim to have something healthy for lunch like homemade soup. As I work from home though, it’s all too easy to keep popping into the kitchen for a snack if I am getting a bit distracted!

Describe a typical morning
I really love the fact that there is no typical working day for me!  My job involves a bit of everything – designing, making, admin, marketing, book keeping, answering emails, photography etc. The good thing is that it never gets boring and I can always switch it around if I’m getting fed up of one thing.

What part of the day do you reach a creative peak?
I guess I’m freshest in the morning, but there are lots of other things that need doing then too! So if I have new designs to do, I find it works best for me if I spend the whole day on that. The originals for my card designs are paper collages, so I get all my papers and scissors and pens out, make a big old mess and get stuck in.

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I play the cello.

How do you switch off from a busy day?
I love to read and my evenings usually involve watching a bit of Nordic Noir and perhaps some wine.  Rock and roll!

Finally, if you could give a piece of advice to your younger self – what would it be?
Why not give it a try? I never thought that I could earn money from designing greetings cards, but I love it! It’s still a buzz when people spend their money on something I’ve created! It’s definitely worth trying to do something you love rather than regretting never having tried.


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