30th March 2016 Ghazzala Zubair

Can You Guess the Real from the Fake this April Fools Day?

We’re suckers for April Fool’s Day. And we mean we’re fooled every single time! 

This year, to save ourselves from falling for another joke, we decided to let you play the guessing game instead. Can you guess which of the cards below are legit, and which are there to throw you off?


We all know someone who can relate to this one. But is it a ‘Thinking of You’ card for your friend or just a quote?


If (and only if!) this is a real card, it’d be useful to own! You and your significant other would never buy another card again.


Slightly controversial, but the question is: Would you send this to someone going through a divorce for a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour, or is it one celebration too far?


This certainly made us chuckle and if this is a real card, you could just reuse again and again. (See last years card for more details)


Ouch. Is this banter you would trade with your best friends, or is it too mean to have ever been invented?


Is there anything more ingenious than a shot-glass card for an 18th (or if you’re in the US, 21st)? Perhaps it’s just too good to be true.

Answers under the cut!

1. Social Anxiety Card: Not real!

2. Reusable Card: Real! It’s by Paul O’Connor. Find it here at thortful.

3. Divorce Card: Real! By the brilliant Emily McDowell. Find it here.

4. Mantlepiece Card: Real, again! By JellynBean. Find it here at thortful.

5. Happy Birthday Card: Not real!

6. Shot Glass Card: Bit of a dead giveaway. It’s real! By 55 Hi’s. Find it here.