The Chelsea Flower Show Edit

Wild Flower Card

Wild Flowers Card

It’s time for our favourite annual floral extravaganza- The Chelsea Flower Show  and 2016’s is a petal packed delight. Don’t fret if you didn’t bag tickets we’re bursting with beautiful blooms to share with you.

Since 1982, the Royal Horticulture Society has always named a “Rose of the Year” and we can see why, these fragrant blooms are a regular favourite. Share the romance of this lovely flower with Liane Brookes’s  stunning card.

Roses in Bloom

Roses in Bloom

Each year there is always a memorable poppies tribute, with this year’s provided by Phillip Johnson, keep the memories and sentiment alive with Damian Ward’s delightful photo.

Poppies in Meadow

Poppies in Meadow

What better way to celebrate Harrod’s English eccentrics garden than with these fuchsia foxgloves with their tiny trumpet shaped blooms. Don Hooper‘s snap captures them in all their glory here.



For fans of a tipple, you’re not being left in the shade, Cloudy Bay’s garden designed by Sam Ovens is designed to echo the flavours of Sauvignon Blanc. Either way we feel wine and flowers are a great combination and this lovely card by Cat Coquilette is the perfect way to share this sentiment.

Vino Veritas Card

Vino Veritas Card

The Queen’s 90th birthday is also being honoured with a garden of it’s own. Sure to be full of busy lizzie’s and lots of other lovely floral tributes too.

HRH 90th Birthday Card

HRH 90th Birthday Card

The Watahan East & West Garden, designed by Chihori Shibiyama & Yano Tea is the perfect example of Japanese inspired elegance. Share the beauty of the delicate Sakura with this lovely card by Jenny Lloyd.

Geisha and Sakura Blossom

Geisha and Sakura Blossom

Finally it wouldn’t be a real garden event without some lawn ornamentation too. Here’s some gnomes courtesy of Sophie Corrigan to finish off your florals in style.

Garden Gnome Card

Garden Gnome Card

If you’ve still not got your fill of florals then fear not we’ve got a great selection of flower filled cards to help you brighten someone’s day.

Yoda: The Ultimate Life Coach

When you’re looking for words of wisdom, the internet is full of choice words but none more inspiring than Jedi Master Yoda. and what better day to celebrate his genius than May 4th? We’ve scoured the archives for his best advice to share with you today.

may the force

First up Yoda takes on your love life:

Jenny 27, from Birmingham said ” Dear Yoda, I have  a great life but long to share it with that special someone. My problem is I am very shy, what would you recommend to make Mr Right notice me?”

Yoda Says:

Through his stomach and what man can resist a delicious milkshake, the way to a man’s heart is, hmm?

Which translates as this roughly:

Yoda Milkshake

Yoda Milkshake

Next to guy problems.

Dave 26, from Brighton says ” Romantic gestures are not my strong suit, but I’ve finally found the perfect woman who shares my love of Star Wars, how can I show her I care?”

Yoda Says:

Dear Dave, if you show this lady how you feel want to, with Princess Leia say it, to anyone in the rebel alliance’s affection a sure fire route.


Dear Dave, if you want to show this lady how you feel, say it with Princess Leia, a sure fire route to anyone in the Rebel Alliance’s affection:

Princess Leia Card

Princess Leia Card

Next Yoda on everyday stresses

Janet, 38 from Tunbridge Wells told us “My  7 year old daughter’s cat just passed away but we don’t know how to break the sad news to her, any ideas, wise Yoda?”

Yoda says: Best to prepare a  child for the big news, sometimes it is, gone to join the Wookie Warriors in the good fight, that her beloved kitty has.

Translation, Tell your daughter her kitty has gone to join the Wookie Warriors in their fight against the resistance, this illustration should help her picture her feline pals new life.

Star Wars Cat Card

Star Wars Cat Card

Exam Stress

Finally Chris 48, from Margate, told of of his son James’s struggle with exam nerves, “how can help boost his confidence at a stressful time?”

Yoda says:

Heed the advice I gave to warriors heading to the battle of Yavin, anyone heading to a stressful situation should.

Which we’re pretty sure means ” Good Luck, you got this!” or in other words…

May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you

And just in case you’re in need of more guidance we’ve also called on some mini Jedi masters for back up, check out “The Wisdom of Kids” for more sage life advice too.

Master Yoda

Master Yoda

Game of Thrones as told through Greeting Cards

Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Game of Thrones takes us through the full spectrum of emotions, love, loss, anger, fear and in some cases pure rage. With such dramatic lives and no sign of anything letting up even after six seasons, we thought the character’s deserved some encouragement. With this in mind here’s our pick of the best cards to send some of our favourites and why.

Get Well Soon

As season five closed Daenerys’s poor dragon, Drogon was injured after swooping in and rescuing her. We’d recommend this “Get Well Soon” card  as the first step towards healing wounded wings.

Get Well Soon Card

Get Well Soon Card

With Sympathy

Next poor old Ramsay Bolton- ok not really he’s horrid but if you’re after a passive aggressive way to taunt him over Sansa and Reek’s escape then this subtle sympathy card is just the ticket.

Sympathy Card

Sympathy Card

Good Luck

Whilst we’re on the theme of escape too, why not cheer on Jorah and Daario in their quest for Daenerys by boosting their spirits with this charming good luck card.

Good Luck Card

Good Luck Card

Thinking of You

Given this is Game of Thrones we can’t let things get too positive, so let’s take  a minute to think of poor Margaery Tyrell  languishing in jail, thanks to Cersei’s scheming. This card should give her something to pin on that dungeon wall to brighten her day until help arrives.

Thinking Of You Card

Thinking Of You Card


If you’re Thon Greyjoy though, life just got sweeter and in pushing Myranda to her doom and helping Sansa escape he has freed himself. Share in his satisfaction of getting one over on that tyrant Ramsay with this joyful llama congratulation card.

Congratulations Card

Congratulations Card

Jon Snow

Finally you didn’t think we could let things go without a nod to Jon Snow did you? Of course not, now we wait and see.

Better Luck Next Life

Better Luck Next Life

The Best of British

With St George’s Day here, we thought it was about time we celebrated some things which are quintessentially British, from tea and crumpets to our bright red buses!


In at number one we have tea, whether it’s afternoon tea, tea and cake or tea and sympathy you’re in need of; we’ve got you covered.

afternoon tea

Next up is sport, be it rugby, football or bowls we’re obsessed and to quote 10CC “we don’t like cricket” we LOVE it!


Pets, are another British passion, and whilst the British bulldog often gets a bad rep we think our version is rather cute!

From pets to objects of national pride! The red telephone box is a British icon right up there with Big Ben, and though there’s not so much demand for them these days, we’ve still got a soft spot for these shiny red boxes!

phone boxWeather is another thing the British do well, given our ever changeable climate, and that we juggle rain one minute and blue skies the next, it’s no wonder we’re so obsessed!

weatherLast but not Least is British humour, from Monty Python to Ricky Gervais its beloved around the globe and our wry take on the day-to-day is one of the things that make us truly great, here’s two of our favourite cards from British creators Dean Morris and Mike Williams which showcase it in style.

quinoaBritTake  a look at the rest of the delightful cards in our delightful “Best of British” range.

Milestone Birthdays

From one to one hundred and beyond, birthdays are exciting events which is why a card marking a special day is often a treasured souvenir. We’ve combed our cards and picked out some of the finest examples of milestone birthday cards to help you on your way. So whether someone is turning five or 50 we can help you put a smile on their face.

They might not be aware of it but turning one is pretty special, this animaltastic design is so fun it’ll put a smile on Mum and Dad’s faces too.

Next we skip ahead a little, but three cheers for turning five! There has to be some benefit to being shipped off to big school and we think this awesome octopus design might just be it.

Moving on to the big leagues, we have sweet sixteen! As well as getting to sit GCSE’s, they can now ride a scooter and enjoy a little bit more of what the world has to offer. With this in mind you need a more sophisticated card – one that recognises their new found grown up status. This patterned design should fit that brief perfectly.

Now to 18, everything is legal and they may even be driving! Time to celebrate this big adult milestone with a fab, shiny design which screams congratulations on becoming a grown up!

Next we get to 21, they’ve got a few years of practice at being an adult underway and their taste is a little more high brow. Time to show them you care with this stylish textile inspired design.

Finally we start to get a bit of breathing room between milestone birthdays, that is until the so called “Big 30“. Some say your thirties are the most fun decade, so set them off on the right track with this cheerful balloon design.

Next we get to 40, time to remind them what’s left to achieve with this handy card to give them some perspective.


Next we get to fabulous 50, pick a big bold design to wish them a really Happy Birthday!

For 60, a healthy dose of humour should put a smile on their face. Megan Claire’s design is just the card to do it.

Skipping ahead to 80, nothing will cheer your Gran up more than a card featuring her favourite plant.  This pretty cyclamen design from Caroline Davies will look great on her mantelpiece or windowsill as a memory of a special day.

80th Birthday

80th Birthday

Finally we get to 90 and given the Queen herself reaches this milestone birthday this year, flattery seems a great way to go and JellynBean have done the hard work for you.


Shop our full selection of Birthday Cards.


A Recipe for Change

thortful create range of charity greeting cards for Bowel Cancer UK

thortful’s charity cards for Bowel Cancer UK

2016 sees Bowel Cancer UK mark 10 years since the introduction of bowel cancer screening. A vital step in detecting and treating bowel cancer early; this discovery has changed lives, but a key part of their work is raising awareness of the fact that bowel cancer exists. With this in mind they have teamed up with a host of celebrity chefs and ambassadors to create a range of cake recipes you can use at bake sale’s to raise awareness and funds to support their amazing work.

thortful have teamed up with the charity to create a range of beautiful greeting cards showcasing the recipes, to allow you to spread a message of hope and also share a recipe with a friend to brighten their day.

Recipes include Gennaro’s Contaldo’s delectable Chocolate Orange Ring Cake, (or Ciambetta Al Ciocolato E Arancia as he calls it) , Brian Turner’s banana and toffee pudding. Mark Greenaway has created sinful sticky toffee pudding cupcakes with salted caramel cream cheese frosting but we’ve got the health conscious covered with rugby player James Haskell’s Sesame Seed and Pecan Flapjacks.

There’s also a 30p donation for each card sold going direct to Bowel Cancer UK, so you’re not just sharing a nice message you’re helping directly too.

Discover the full range of recipe cards here.

Modern Girls Guide to sending Sorry Cards

There are times in life when a minions gif just doesn’t go the distance to express the true depths of your feelings. As we launch our collaboration with Stylist we’ve compiled the modern girls guide to sending greeting cards, to help you navigate etiquette and ensure you can put a smile on your friends face whatever the occasion. We’re kicking things off with our guide to the best apologies in print to get you started.

We all make mistakes but whether it’s forgetting someone’s Birthday, to something a little more serious here’s our suggestions to make amends.

You forgot their birthday…

We all do it, late nights at the office, making time for yoga and before you know it there’s a dog-eared card in your handbag or worse still you forgot to get one at all. Here’s where thortful can save the day.

Try sending this belated birthday greeting to redeem yourself and you’ll soon be back in their good books.
The Please Forgive Me

Next up we have the post argument card, for when you know you’ve messed up. Maybe your friend has had to help you into cab or hold back your hair a little too much or perhaps you shrunk that favourite jumper of theirs that you borrowed. If it’s the latter a Topshop gift card inside the card below should see you right, but either way who can resist the cuteness of a sloth- they won’t stay mad at your for long when they set their eyes on this little guy!

slothThe BIG Apology

This is when you really screwed up! Perhaps you stood them up, forgot an important date, put your foot in it; or worse case drunkenly flirted with their boyfriend  (shame on you). The only way forward with them is to ‘fess up, own your mistake and make sure they know you really mean it. This card should help.

bigThe Appetite Driven Apology

Girls, how many of us can raise our hands and say we need to apologise for something we said whilst in serious need of food? Never fear your hangry apology helper is here in the form of this card so you can make amends for snapping at your BFF before you managed to scoff a BLT.

hangryThe Silent Type

Finally an apology for when you can’t quite find the words but you hope they know you well enough to understand you care.

When it's hard to find the right words to apologise

When it’s hard to find the right words to apologise

Tissues at the ready let’s hope these lead to hugs all round!


Mamma Mia! Have We Got Greeting Cards for you!

Mum's Rule Mother's Day Card

Is your Mum more Marge Simpson than Edina? Perhaps she’s a real earth mama or ultra glam, never fear we’ve combed our excellent selection of cards to find the perfect card for every type of Mom, Mother, Mum, Mam and Stepmum to make it easy for you!



Glam Mum


Voted most likely to carry a Chanel changing bag, your mum taught you the alphabet using designer labels. She also schooled you in make up and manicures and must have sunglasses.

Treat her to this and show her how much you love her style too!

Mother's Day Card for a Glamorous Mum

Mother’s Day Card for a Glamorous Mum

Animal Mad Mum

If your mum is happiest surrounded by furry or feathered creatures? Treat her to one of our lovely animal illustrations to really make her day.


Cool Mum!

Maybe your mum is the one who tells you which bands are cool and has more fans on Instagram than most. Show her how much you rate her with this short but sweet card.

Mum's Rule Mother's Day Card

Mum’s Rule Mother’s Day Card

Super Mum

Does your mum juggle chores, work and still have time to give you all the hugs you need? Reward this out of this world woman with a card celebrating her superpowers.

super mum

Artistic Mum

Perhaps your mum is an art lover? Creative Mum’s will love this hand drawn design, so choose this little sketch for a lovely way to show you care.


Domestic Goddess

For mum’s who could take on Nigella with their cakes, bakes and Sunday roasts celebrate her culinary skills with this cute design.

Card showing mum baking with child


Mum’s come in many forms, we help you celebrate those special ladies that banish the evil Step Mum myth by being brilliant in every way.

Mother's day card for Stepmother

Mother’s Day card for StepMum

When your Mum is a Mom

Whatever you like to call your Mama we’ve got you covered. This shiny coloured design is one Mom’s will love too!

Mother's day card for Mom's

Mother’s day card for Mom’s

Grandma we love you

Let’s not forget the Nana’s too! Show your Granny some love today with this pretty afternoon tea design .

Mother's Day card for Grandma, Nanny, Grandmother

Mother’s Day card for Grandma, Nanny, Grandmother

We’ve got tons more Mother’s day cards so you can find the best way to show yours just how special she is this Sunday. View Thortful’s full selection of Mother’s Day Cards.

Leap Yeah! 5 facts about Leap year to blow your mind!

It only occurs once every four years but a leap year manages to do everything from create cause for celebration to throwing some people off kilter, here are five of our favourite facts about this special day to get you started.

Rapper Ja Rule is officially 10, born in 1976 this will the 10th time he can celebrate his birthday. We think this card seems a good choice for the happy hip-hop mogul.

pandaRussians believe Leap Years can bring freak weather and a higher risk of dying. Whilst in Italy they say “anno bisesto, anno funesto” meaning leap year gloomy weather.stormy weatherLadies get their chance to propose on this day too, thought to be established by St Patrick after a nun complained women had to wait too long for their suitors.

What’s not so well known are the forfeits men have to pay if they refuse, currently standing at £1 or 12 pairs of gloves depending on who you ask.

lady proposeThe US Presidential elections are also always held in a leap year one of many events which often help make leap years extra significant.


Leap years are technically called intercalation days but as that’s not very catchy they were renamed to describe the way the extra day causes significant events to skip ahead and fall one day later.


Five Trends from London Fashion Week that Make Great Greetings Cards!

London Fashion Week isn’t all about sharp silhouettes and shades, there’s also a riot of artistic inspiration sashaying down the catwalks. We picked our five favourite trends, which also happen to be great inspiration for greeting cards too.

Kicking of LFW in Style was Ryan Lo, taking inspiration from his native home of Hong Kong and favourite films; his collection was a riot of colour and feminine details. Think Geisha make up, fur and florals teamed with kitten heels and pom pom socks. What appealed to us though were the seductive combinations of pink, raspberry and plum and the voluminous shapes which led us to Deborah Ballinger’s beautiful Chinese lanterns for a stunning way to say “Zhuhe” or Congratulations as you may know it.

Round Chinese Lanterns in Red, purple and Pink


Florals were also big news at Alexander McQueen where models wore floor length sheer gowns embroidered with rich colourful blooms. Nestling within these were delicate lace and sequin butterflies, whose fragile beauty added the finishing touches to a stunning collection. Often seen as a symbol of hope these lovely creatures are also a great way to send a cheerful message too.



Skip next to everyone’s best F(u)riends- pets! Shrimps led the way with their fabulous faux fur coats and accessories, as soft to the touch as your favourite pussy or pooches coat. Their ready-to-wear also featured hand drawn kitty motifs making this collection a real treat for feline fans. As puss puss also means kiss kiss in Swedish it’s also the perfect inspiration to send a little smooch to your favourite kitty lover.

Line drawing of a black cat

Black cat on greeting card


From pets to more ethereal realms at Sibling’s show where catsuits, glitter and stars galore were on the menu. Be it shimmering silver details in knitted sweaters or bolder yellow and black constellations, it made for a deliciously stellar collection. It’s also the inspiration for our favourite compliment if you want to show someone they’ve really made your day.

Thank you card decorated with rainbow stars

Rainbow stars thank you card


Lastly, how can we talk goodwill and greetings without thinking love hearts? Luckily Mary Katranzou came to the rescue with her hypnotic prints. Psychedelic hearts repeated to create shimmering skirts and on jackets she allowed models to literally wear their heart on their sleeves. May we suggest if you feel like doing the same that Celia Hyland’s design would be an ultra stylish way to get your point across?

Pink and red heart Greeting Card

Pink and red hand drawn heart greeting card,


Until next season sweeties!