The 5 Top Lessons I’ve Learned on thortful

Abbie Imagine set up her thortful account in 2016, and has since grown to be one of our top creators. She’s learned a lot along the way, and has laid out her five top lessons below. Read on to see what you could learn from her experience. … 1) Learn Your Audience One of the…

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How to Tag Your Cards

We know that the science of tagging can be more complex than nuclear physics, so we’ve written a simple guide to give you some key tips on how to tag for optimum results on thortful. Remember that if you miss one or two then you needn’t worry as we edit and optimise them when moderating,…

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Starting Out and Getting Seen: 4 Top Tips For thortful Success!

So you’ve created your account, customised your profile, and uploaded some fantastic card designs…but what now? As with all new creative ventures, getting your thortful cards in front of the right audience will really help to ensure they are a success, especially if you’re starting your design career from scratch. Read on for our top…

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