Scaling a card creators’ collective: thortful

thortful has been featured on Growth Business! Get some interesting insights as our CEO Andy talks about the business so far, plans for the future and what his past ventures have taught him along the way.



“Dad, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children.” So reads one of the 40,000 quirky cards in Thortful’s database. The online greeting card company launched in June 2016, led by serial entrepreneur, Andy Pearce and his vision to ethically disrupt the UK’s £1.7 billion greeting card market. “The UK market is the biggest in the world, but only 5 per cent of cards are ever bought online,” Pearce tells GrowthBusiness. High street card companies still operate on the age-old model of ordering designs six to 12 months ahead of time, while card designers work behind the scenes. Thortful’s model places the creators at the heart of the content, and pays them four times the industry average, says Pearce.


“Thortful is a mechanism to allow creators, graphic artists, and photographers new way to sell their designs. It’s about the recognition. We have a team that works with these creators to get their designs more in line with what sells, and right now, we pay the artists the most in the industry. For the first time, a card company is putting creators first, which is why around 70 per cent of creators on our platform are exclusive to us,” he adds.


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Tips on writing a card to a friend or family member suffering with mental health issues

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Creating a Moment of Intervention. . .

Want to send a card? Not sure what to say? You’re not alone.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell which of our well-meaning comments will be helpful and which may actually hurt more than they help.  Below are some guidelines from the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance for letting someone know you’re there if they are suffering from a mental health disorder. 

Put the statements into your own words, the most important thing is that your friend or loved one knows you’re there, and that they have your support.

I know you have a real illness and that’s what causes these thoughts and feelings. It’s all in your head.
I may not be able to understand exactly how you feel, but I care about you and want to help. We all go through times like this.
You are important to me. Your life is important to me. You have so much to live for – why do you want to die?
Tell me what I can do now to help you. What do you want me to do?
I can’t do anything about your situation.
You might not believe it now, but the way you’re feeling will change. Just snap out of it.
Look on the bright side.
You are not alone in this. I’m here for you. You’ll be fine. Stop worrying.
Talk to me. I’m listening. Here’s my advice…
I am here for you. We will get through this together. What’s wrong with you?
Shouldn’t you be better by now?


Instagram intro GJW x thortful + Chasing the stigma

Gary James McQueen (nephew of the late Alexander McQueen) has collaborated with thortful to design an exclusive range of cards especially for sending to friends and family suffering with mental health issues, with the aim of bringing the subject to the forefront. All proceeds from sales of these cards will be donated to Chasing the Stigma, a charity bringing people together for a better understanding of mental health.

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COMING SOON: Sock Cards!

Test sock card asset 2

We’ve been looking at ways we can give customers an extra reason to buy your thortful cards, and we’ve come up with a quirky little addition: Sock cards! And what better time to launch than Father’s Day?

This will be available as an add-on for all of our cards, giving Father’s Day customers the option to add a lovely Dad-style pair of socks to their card, and send their dad some love with something a little bit different!

DSC07989_2 small

Your designs will still be featured on the front of the card, but it will take on a box-shape format to hold the socks safely inside. Your name will be printed on the spine of the card instead of on the back, and any message that the customer chooses to add will be printed on the inside left of the card box.

We’re really looking forward to setting ourselves apart from the competition this Father’s Day, and with your unique designs, and a clever add-on such as our sock cards, we’ll be giving customers all the more reason to shop with us. And of course, more customers for thortful means more royalties for you guys  🙂


Please note: photos are of prototype product. Final product is subject to change – we just wanted to give you an insider insight into what’s coming!

COMING SOON: Chocolate Cards!

Choc card with Valentine's

We’ve got a delicious new addition for your thortful cards on the way! Soon, customers will be able to add a premium 100g bar of chocolate from luxury choccy brand Chocolate and Love to their card, for those times when they want to add a little extra love to their card.

Organic and fairly traded, we’re going to be offering a variety of flavours to begin with: Mint, Orange and the original tasty Panama.

Chocolate close-up

Your designs will be formatted in a similar way to the Keepsake Cards, with a 5mm strip of your design printed onto the spine of the card, and any message printed on the left-hand side of the inside.

Single Choc card open

We hope this will give thortful customers all the more reason to buy your cards, setting us apart from other retailers and adding to the thortful ethos without taking away from your great designs. All in all it will mean more sales for you, and more of those precious royalties! 🙂



Introducing Keepsake Cards

Keepsake Cards Unknown ink rubber small no title

We’ve had some fantastic, funny (and a tad cheeky!) cards added to our catalogue lately, and this sparked an idea from our CEO Andy… Why send a card to a friend for them to throw away after a matter of days? With so many brilliant designs, wouldn’t it be great if you could give them something to carry around with them, spreading the word about thortful and building your brand awareness wherever they go?

thortful are launching a new add-on to cards, to make them last that little bit longer and mean that little bit more: Keepsake Cards will give customers the option to make their card into a handy notebook for the recipient to keep!

The Keepsake Cards will contain around 50 sheets of premium 120gsm paper, which can be lined or plain, and will feature any message which the sender chooses to add on the inside cover. The same high-quality card stock will be used for the printed design and the same information will be featured on the back, highlighting your brand name and bio (just like on your cards!).

Keepsake Cards Victoria Black Hate Least no text smallWhat’s the idea behind Keepsake Cards?

We think that it’s a real shame that beautifully designed, carefully printed cards are left to sit on a mantelpiece for just a week or so before they’re usually thrown away. We believe that your designs are so great that they are worth keeping – and we think our customers will agree!

Why is this great for you?

This is a unique product which isn’t available anywhere else! We think this will be a great way to give thortful another unique selling point and give buyers all the more reason to choose thortful over other brands out there! More customers for us means more people admiring and buying your designs, and of course this means more of those industry-leading royalties for you 🙂 And what’s more, when customers choose your Keepsake Card they’ll be giving you valuable brand exposure wherever they take it!

Keepsake Cards WOK Scissors no text small

Things to note:

  • We will be launching Keepsake Cards in time for Valentine’s 2017, so expect to see your cards being bought as a Keepsake version early next year.
  • We are still working on the envelopes for these special cards, but we are hoping to offer thortful grey ones which are slightly larger and sturdier.
  • Whilst we will only offer the Keepsake option for both portrait and landscape oriented cards, we will only be offering lined paper for portrait designs, as we can currently only support it in this format.
  • You won’t need to change your design templates, as we will simply copy the ~5mm along the left-hand side of the image file, and print this along the spine (see our mock-up below!).
  • This means that your current designs will be printed exactly the same as your cards on the front and the back, but with beautiful notebook paper inside!

Keepsake Card Mockup 1

Keepsake Card Mockup 2

See your design as a Keepsake Card!

As one of our valued creators, we’re going to be giving you the opportunity to purchase one of your designs as a Keepsake Card for a discounted price ahead of our launch (and you’ll still get your 50p royalty on this purchase – think of it as an EXTRA discount!).. We’ll let you know when the systems are in place to produce Keepsake Cards, and give you the full details on how to get your hands on one early next year.

Got Questions?

If you can’t find the answer here then drop us an email on

The Small print:

Have a licensing agreement which will interfere with offering your design as a Keepsake Card? Not to worry: you can choose to opt any design out of the Keepsake Card option – just drop us an email. We’ll also be building in a button below each card on your profile, so soon you’ll be able to control this yourself.

Glastonbury Survival Kit: The Essentials


Untitled design

Glastonbury. The home of Michael & Emily Eavis, rolling fields, the Pyramid Stage, thousands of festival-goers, mud, rain, a sprinkle of sunshine, a lot of cider and some of the biggest music performers in the world.

Yes, it’s very nearly that time again, and whilst Glastonbury-goers are praying it’s not a washout, we’ve compiled the essential list of festival bits you’ll need to survive the Somerset music mayhem come rain or shine…

A sturdy and reliable tent
Do yourself a favour and make sure you invest in a good-quality, well-structured tent – like this one by Nic Farrell, of course! Yes it might set you back a little extra money, but it saves you being cold, damp and sleeping with a collapsed tent on your face.

Design: Nic Farrell

Design: Nic Farrell

It wouldn’t be Glastonbury without a downpour, let’s face it! Don’t get caught out in torrential rain – buy a waterproof mac or poncho that’s going to keep you dry whilst you’re dancing away!

Design: Silvina De Vita

Whether you’re perched round a campfire with friends or heading into the madness of the festival, be sure to have a refreshing can or bottle in hand to truly kick-off the festival spirit.

Design: Cat Coquillette

Design: Cat Coquillette

Wet wipes
We believe these little white sheets are a slice of heaven at a music festival! Whether you’re scrubbing your make-up off, having a dry wash (five days without a shower can be tough!), or using them to try and make the toilets as sanitary as possible – don’t go anywhere without packing a couple of packs to see you through!

It wouldn’t be a festival without the obligatory pair of wellies. Come rain or shine, they’ll protect you from all sorts of weather, including the famous Glastonbury mud!

Design: Ollie Bright

Design: Ollie Bright

Dry shampoo
You’ll be going days without a shower, so banish any sort of greasy, festival hair and spritz with dry-shampoo. Your hair will be looking as fresh if you had just stepped out of a nice, warm bubble bath! 😉 This card by Sarah Defriend just one in her collection of festival goddesses!

Design: Sarah Defriend

Design: Sarah Defriend

Chances are, you’ll be too busy having fun running around and soaking up the atmosphere to want to carry your phone, money, camera etc. in your hand. Purchase a reliable backpack/bumbag which you can strap onto your body, and not have to worry you’re going to drop and lose any of your belongings!

Design: Angela Chick

Design: Angela Chick

Most importantly, Glastonbury and any other festival, is for letting your hair down and having fun. Round up your best group of mates, make sure you have all your festival essentials and prepare to laugh and dance A LOT. Most importantly stay safe and don’t end up a Baked Alaska (find out what that is here).

Design: Blumoose

Design: Blumoose


Got an occasion to celebrate? Make sure you send a thortful card.

The Best of British

With St George’s Day here, we thought it was about time we celebrated some things which are quintessentially British, from tea and crumpets to our bright red buses!


In at number one we have tea, whether it’s afternoon tea, tea and cake or tea and sympathy you’re in need of; we’ve got you covered.

afternoon tea

Next up is sport, be it rugby, football or bowls we’re obsessed and to quote 10CC “we don’t like cricket” we LOVE it!


Pets, are another British passion, and whilst the British bulldog often gets a bad rep we think our version is rather cute!

From pets to objects of national pride! The red telephone box is a British icon right up there with Big Ben, and though there’s not so much demand for them these days, we’ve still got a soft spot for these shiny red boxes!

phone boxWeather is another thing the British do well, given our ever changeable climate, and that we juggle rain one minute and blue skies the next, it’s no wonder we’re so obsessed!

weatherLast but not Least is British humour, from Monty Python to Ricky Gervais its beloved around the globe and our wry take on the day-to-day is one of the things that make us truly great, here’s two of our favourite cards from British creators Dean Morris and Mike Williams which showcase it in style.

quinoaBritTake  a look at the rest of the delightful cards in our delightful “Best of British” range.

Things are hotting up at Thortful HQ

Desks Picture

By Claudia McInerney

After several hot days in sunny Soho, thortful decided that enough was enough. Despite having lots of fans (pun intended) we needed to cool things down to work effectively and ordered an air conditioning unit. Despite the joyous response to this unexpected news, it was shortly followed by an anti-climax.

Our minds were filled with the questions: ‘will it arrive on time?’ and, if it does arrive, ‘will it be effective?’

But all was revealed when, a few days later, we heard that all-important knock at the office door. A wave of silence filled the office.

The air-conditioning had arrived.

All that’s left to say is that we are now working hard in cool and temperate conditions to ensure that you are not disappointed when thortful launches in the coming months!

More desks, more desks

What’s more, we are happy to announce that our new desks have finally arrived. There was not, unsurprisingly, such a tense build up for this delivery. It is only now that we realise, in a siege of panic about the lack of ‘vital work stations’, we may have overreacted…No doubt they’ll be filled soon by some top talent!

Stay tuned for regular updates. If you miss us terribly, (understandable), hang out with us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook

On: The Pipeline

macbook iphone tech blog

Happy Midweek, everyone!

We just wanted to share our excitement with our readers on the launch of the digital platform, coming Autumn 2015. We’re stoked for launch, and the entire team is putting in 100% to polish off the app for iOS, Android and Web. Including Buca.

Stick around for tidbits and blogs on all things Thortful – we promise we’ll get something more concrete to you as soon as we can. Though if you do miss us terribly (understandable), try following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more regular updates. See you soon!

Introducing Buca the Office Dog


Meet Buca our Office Portuguese Water Dog, hes’ just coming up to his 7th Birthday and has been in and around offices since he was a pup.

He’s adjusting to life in and around Soho, which being brought up in the home counties does take some adjustment.  Traveling on trains, tubes, taxis and escalators has been his biggest challenge over the last month. He’s been dragged both onto and off of escalators, its only in the last couple of days that he seems to have come to terms with moving staircases!

Buca ambition is to become a household name by appearing on thortful cards all over the UK and the USA. watch out for his image in our inventory when we reopen our doors in September 2015