Hot Off the Press: thortful featured by the Mirror

The Mirror (Online)

1st April 2016


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‘Some April Fools’ jokes are so believable, they backfire slightly on themselves.

That could be said for this joke, which was so well done that people actually thought these pro-Trump greeting cards were on sale.

They were the brainchild of UK company thortful who enlisted the help of top Wisconsin-based graphic designer Todd Rumplan to produce them.

The genius cards included a mock-up of Trump peering over the Mexican border fence, an odd mash-up of Trump’s face mixed with an American eagle and some of his most famous ‘inspiring’ quotes.

They were so convincing, the company said they spent most of the day letting down customers wanting to snap them up.

Not even Todd Rumplan is real- his name is an anagram of the Presidential hopefuls.

A thortful insider said: “They spent much of the day replying to emails from customers who had not realised it was an April Fool!” ‘

The Mirror (Online)

Featured on: 1st April 2016

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Hot Off the Press: thortful in Staffordshire Living

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‘Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone (Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley) – our favourite fashionistas – are heading straight to the big screen! Friday 1st July saw the release of Absolutely Fabulous the Movie and to celebrate this marvellous event, thortful has created a range of limited edition Ab Fab cards emblazoned with some well-known words of wisdom and quotes from our favourite anti-role models. The drunken and often terribly relateable quotes will leave you smiling with recognition as we come to celebrate two of British television’s most fabulous women. If you, like us, can’t get enough of Patsy and Eddy’s sweetie-darling antics then head over to to purchase your very own limited edition Ab Fab card (RRP £2.99 + p&p).

Staffordshire Living Magazine (Online)

Featured on: 5th July 2016

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Hot Off the Press: thortful in the Metro

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‘Forget a box of Milk Tray or roses from the petrol station, last-minute gifts can be awesome and thoughtful… or should that be thortful? Select from loads of great hand-written, personalised and bespoke greetings cards crafted by top-notch designers and posted the same day.’

Featured in the:

Metro on 22nd July 2016 (Circulation: 764,716)

Metro Scotland on 22nd July 2016 (Circulation: 122,647)

Metro East Midlands on 26th July 2016, (Circulation: 40,192)

Metro North East on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 55,333)

Metro North West on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 105,293)

Metro Liverpool on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 33,904)


Hot Off the Press: thortful featured by OK Magazine

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‘We’re OBSESSED with these creative greeting cards from @thortful – So much talent!’

Featured on:

OK Magazine’s Instagram on 26th July 2016 (Reach: 95,000)

OK Magazine’s Twitter on 26th July 2016 (Reach: 559,000)