Cookie Design’s Top 10 ways to get inspired…

Here at Cookie Design, I’ve been creating cards for 5 years now. Every now and then I get a creative block, and as I’m sure I can’t be the only one, I wanted to share my ideas on how to get inspired again and come up with some great designs.


1. Look at other cards

A great place to start is to see what else is out there. There are so many great designs that can spark plenty of ideas. Sometimes I take a walk to the shops, as that always gets me back in the creative flow, or have a scroll through thortful. There’s also Pinterest of course, Etsy and so many more.


2. Brainstorm occasions

This really helps me focus on a set idea. Even better if you can narrow it down so instead of thinking just ‘birthday’, think about milestones, gender, recipient. It will allow you to think outside the box and come up with ideas you might never have thought of.


3. Adapt your bestsellers

Do you have a bestseller that can be adapted for different occasions, or perhaps ages? For example, a birthday card could be changed to be suitable for milestone ages: 21, 30, 40, etc., or could one of your anniversary designs be adapted for Christmas?


4. Look at jokes


This is especially great for the cheekier cards. Perhaps there’s a certain phrase you see in a joke that could be adapted for a card design. There’s plenty of Facebook groups designed for sharing jokes, as well as Google, Pinterest and more. I always ask my friends to send me all their jokes and memes too, as it’s great inspiration. It’s even better to get them to send them to you on Whatsapp so you can star your favourites and they’re easy to find.


5. Look at Thortful emails and blogs

There’s always great tips in the blogs, and we’re sent emails to tell us what’s trending and what occasions to focus on.


6. Think about your favourite tv shows

What are some of the famous sayings or phrases that can be adapted for a card? There’s plenty on Thortful already to use as inspiration to give you ideas – just make sure to check that your idea hasn’t already been created.


7. Think about your real life experiences

The best thing about designing cards is that we can say what everyone’s really thinking. I recently started thinking about leaving cards, and thought back to when I was working in an office full time and came up with the idea “Thank god we don’t have to listen to your whining anymore”. Which is true but obviously masked as a joke so we can get away with it. What are some of the cheeky or sarcastic things you say to your best friends, family, or partner for instance? You’d be surprised how many of us can relate.


8. Use the thesaurus

Sometimes even just using a different or quirky word can be enough to make a best seller. Just changing the way something is said can make it more enticing and add the extra oomph to stand out.


9. Keep your favourite cards in a drawer

Whether it’s Christmas, your birthday or any celebration, always keep your favourite cards together in one place. What is it you like about these cards? Is there something in the sentiment expressed that you can adapt for your own design?


10. Always keep a note in your phone

This is my most important tip. It’s the best way to remember your ideas. You never know when a flash of inspiration will strike and it’s great to keep it all in one place, that way when you come to creating some new designs you’ll already have loads of ideas stored up and ready to go.

I hope this helps to inspire you to come up with some great bestsellers 🙂

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