5th November 2015 Tereza Litsa

Creating ‘Smart Art’ with Kristián Mensa


Creativity can be found everywhere, even in everyday objects. Kristián Mensa and his art prove that an orange, a pasta, or a brush may lead to impressive results.

Kristián is a young artist from Prague that loves using normally uninteresting objects, using his imagination to give a new meaning to them. With more than 32 thousand followers on his Instagram account and press coverage from Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Mashable, Elite Daily, and so many others, we couldn’t help but discover more about the ‘smart art’ of Kristián.

– How did you come up with the idea of ‘Smart Art’?

I’ve received a lot of comments and positive feedback – Most of the time I was told how smart and clever I am. Sometimes even a genius was mentioned so I’ve decided to call my work Smart Art – since it nicely describes what I do plus it has a playful rhyme. But to make things clear. I definitely do not call myself or think of myself as a genius. Practice during long nights or on Fridays when everyone else was having a drink is what helped me to expand my creative thinking and improve my drawing skills. (But there is still a lot what to get better at)

– How are you inspired for your next creation?

I am trying to be present all the time wherever I am and observe, look, snoop and watch everything what is around me. I am always trying to avoid using technology outside because there is so much inspiration around us (even in the most banal things) that while I am scrolling a Facebook news feed in public I might miss a potential opportunity for a new illustration or piece of art.


– What does creativity mean to you?

That is very hard for me to define. But what I know is that children are the most creative beings of all time. Not being shaped by the society and expectations they act, play and do things so naturally according to their creative thinking. If you will for example let a kid dress by his or hers preferences you might be surprised how this activity can easily turn into a fashion show finals. I personally am trying to apply creative thinking wherever I am and keep my own perspective on the world.

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– What do you really see then in everyday objects? How does a brush turn into a piece of art?

Okay, so first of all please don’t think that I am having this special sight (which for example Iron Man has) and every object that I am looking at is automatically turned in something totally deffierent. How I said doing this kind of art requires a lot of practice and patience. I usually collect objects or take pictures of interesting objects that I have found and think of the idea later when I have time. Or sometimes the idea just comes right away without any further effort.

– What’s your personally favourite post up to now?

I don’t have any particular illustration that I like the most. But I can say that the illustrations that make other people happy make me even happier.


– Is there a secret to online success that led to coverage from popular media and lots of Instagram followers?

Probably just this phrase: “Do good and original work.” Whatever you do apply your thinking and perspective and if you will do it correctly it might be eventually recognized on the internet. I personally was really lucky becase a lot of people and media were interested in sharing my work. But I didn’t focus on getting “famous” I just kept drawing and sharing what I do an enjoy and the “fame” came in the right time. Those people who are following me on social media are a huge motivation for me because I know that what I do is not pointless.

– What’s your favourite quote?

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”
-Mark Twain


– What are your plans for the future?

I am still at high school so my plan is to successfully graduate from high school. I would love to study art or design in the future so I am already looking for some universities. I also fell in love with studying and living abroad (this year I was studying abroad in Denver as an exchange student for one year) so I would like to attend a school in another country. By that time I will carry on drawing, dancing, acting and playing the piano. Right now I am also working on my eshop where people will be able to purchase prints and other things so stay tuned!

Learn more about Kristián on his site and feel free to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.


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