Creator basics part 2: Optimising your slots

We know how important it is for creators to have the slots they need, but in order for us to optimise the customer experience we want to ensure that every creator is making the most of their current slots, and point them in the right direction before increasing this limit.

The best way to optimise your slots and have this limit increased is to ensure that all your designs have good sales potential. We consider a design as having good sales potential if it has been added into our main catalogue.

To make this clearer, we’ve added a new feature to your Profile page which will show each design’s moderation status. Below is an example of a design which has been moderated and added into our main catalogue.

If a design is ‘moderated- profile only’ it will be harder to sell. This is because, while it will still be available directly from your profile, it will not appear in search results on the site. In this case we’d recommend altering the design and updating it for reconsideration by the creative team (pen icon under the card) or deleting it which will free up the slot for an alternative design.

Please allow 5-7 working days for your design to be moderated and 1-2 days for any updates to be reviewed. Moderation can be slightly delayed over busy periods leading up to big occasions.

If you are using the vast majority of your slots for cards which have been moderated ‘in catalogue’, drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to increase your limit 😊

We have lots of exciting features planned for your profile including slot limit visibility so you can manage your slots easily!

If you are unsure on the different moderation statuses, have a read of this FAQ: What do the Moderation Statuses mean?