Creator Basics part 6 – How to prevent theft of your designs

The last blog post we did in the creator basic series was all about what to do when someone copies your design. But what do you do to prevent it in the first place?

Whilst realistically there’s nothing that will 100% stop copycats, there are some things that can help put them off doing it, or will help if you have to challenge someone who has copied you.

Image by The Playful Indian
  1. Document the process. By keeping progress pictures, videos, or showing the process on social media – you will have time and date stamps and a community of people who know you did it first.
  2. Retain proof. Never delete any original files that show the dates and what your artwork has looked like from the start.
  3. Consider trademarking your brand name. Whilst it’s costly to protect every design you do, trademarking your brand name will at least note you as a business of good reputation and security.
  4. Consider the quality of the artwork you share on social media etc. If you don’t want to watermark your designs, consider posting them in a lower resolution or keep the images small.
  5. Talk to the person before taking action. Often people aren’t clear on copyright and IP laws or don’t understand what can be used and what can’t be. Often if you speak to them, they will agree to change the design which will save you time and money.

I hope these tips help, if there any other things you do to protect yourself, let us know and we’ll share them on our IG stories 👍🏼