Father’s Day Sharing Images

We’ve created some new sharing images just in time for Father’s Day, making it extra easy for you to share and promote your thortful cards.

How to use them? Simply pick an image and save it. Pop it into the design programme of your choice, add one of your own designs into the card space, and it’s ready to share with your followers 🙂

Make sure you capture card buyers’ attention and let them know they can get your cards from thortful – this can really help to jumpstart your sales.

Remember to add a link to your profile, or tell people what to search for in order to find your card(s), and add hashtags when sharing on Instagram.

Once you’ve got your image ready to go, you can even ask your friends and family to share your post too, for extra exposure.

ctrl + click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) then select ‘save image’.

Of course, if these images don’t work for you and your brand then get creating some of your own, or feel free to drop us a message to let us know how we can improve them for you.

Happy sharing!