5th December 2015 Tereza Litsa

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

1) How do you find inspiration?

I think the more concerning question is how does it find me? I removed my address from my website  and everything but it still keeps turning up!

I think everyday life can be inspiring, even when nothing is happening. Stories and characters are hidden everywhere and it’s in the quietest moments when I tend to forage for them.

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

2) When did you start illustrating?

I’m not too sure when I didn’t. I didn’t find the proper name for it until I began further education, but figures, characters and communicating ideas or themes with pictures had always been a past time. 

3) What fascinates you about children’s publishing?

An awful lot of things. I find all publishing pretty interesting because there’s so many factors involved. I like knowing the behind the scenes that most people don’t see and the work and decisions that have been made to get an idea to a product. Probably with kids books, my interest stems from the fact that there will likely be an adult and a child reading it, so there’s a split readership to play with. I want to make images that have the potential to delight both parties. There’s a lot of fun to be had with that.

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

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4) Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?

Every time I think I do, I change my mind when I do another one. I think that’s the right way to go, it’s not always improvement necessarily, but development. It’s important to adapt. 

So I’m loving the story I’ve just started working on at the moment but it has no pictures yet! 

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

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5) How do you define creativity?

Being observant and then solving a problem. I don’t think creativity is restricted to the arts at all, we just make it look good.

Featuring illustrator Rebecca Bagley

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6) What’s your favourite quote?

The highest. 

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