28th October 2015 Tereza Litsa

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

 Food Lettering with Victoria Black

Creative typography is always appreciated, especially when it also includes food photography. That’s how we discovered the work of Victoria Black, a letterer & graphic designer that is obsessed with typography, as well as donuts.

She decided to take her creativity to the next level by creating the Food Lettering project, along with the talented photographer Vanessa Rees. Vanessa took the photos and suggested the lovely recipes, while Victoria was inspired by them to create the hand-lettering. 

1) How do you find inspiration?

It may be cliche to say this, but inspiration can come from anywhere and sometimes it’s very unexpected. 

It can come from something that’s happening in my personal life, meeting new people, a feeling, a certain color, traveling, or even having a really good conversation over dessert.

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

2) How did you come up with the idea of food lettering?

Well that’s simple! I’m a complete foodie. My obsession with food is just as great as my obsession with typography. Life is way too short for bad food & ugly typography.

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

3) What fascinates you most about creative typography and illustration?

Typography and illustration can be insanely expressive! Personally I love the balance of knowing there are only 26 characters to work with but I can play with & manipulate them in countless ways. 

There’s also a component of making language become beautiful, giving it a deeper meaning than just wordsthat’s the sweet spot.

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

4) Do you have a favourite project you’ve been part of up to now?

I was really honored when I was asked to create a sticker for “You Are Beautiful“. Although it was only a two-inch sticker, the message behind it was incredible!

There is no better feeling as a lettering artist, than to make people feel good through my skill. 

5) Is there a specific project you’d like to talk about?

Yes! There’s a project in the works (mostly via instagram) that I’d like to get a few more submissions for.

My “Secrets People Tell Me Project” is a portal for people to share their secrets and thoughts confidentially. 

A few words to express a small something people would like to get off their chest and I hand-letter it 🙂

Food Lettering with Victoria Black

Learn more about Victoria and her work by visiting her site, while you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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