31st May 2016 Shannon Kovacs

For My Daddy, This Father’s Day…

Father’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 19th June, FYI), and we want to show the father’s in our lives how deeply appreciative we are of them!

We understand the importance of making somebody feel loved and special with our greeting cards! Nothing is more personal than a heartfelt, handwritten message, which you can create using our handwriting tool within our app.

It’s a simple, handy feature, which is handy for the kids who want to write their own message to their Dad, but takes out the hassle for you, as we post and deliver your card.

Susse Linton sat down with her adorable son, Rocket to demonstrate how easy it is for children to upload their own messages of love to their Dad’s this Father’s Day

rocket-1Rocket creating his handwritten message
rocket-2Choosing his choice of Father’s Day card


rocket-3Taking a picture of his handwritten message
rocket-4Message successfully uploaded to his card

Need a little inspiration for your child’s message or perhaps your own? We’ve popped some heartfelt suggestions below:

‘To Daddy, Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the whole wide world.’

‘To Dad, You’re my hero! Wishing you a very happy Father’s Day!’

‘To the best Dad, I love you loads. Happy Father’s Day!’

‘To the best Dad EVER! Have a wonderful day – you deserve it this Father’s Day!’

‘To Dad, Happy Father’s Day you old chap!’

‘To Daddy, This is your day, so enjoy! Happy Father’s Day.’