4th December 2015 Tereza Litsa

Get inspired by @tonyfutura

Feature of the day: @tonyfutura

There are so many ways to be creative and that’s what we enjoy when discovering new creators that inspire us. We came across the work of @tonyfutura on Instagram, counting more than 17k followers and we just wanted to learn more about him and his work!

1) How do you find inspiration?

Instagram and the social web is a good source of inspiration, because it provides me with many different perspectives, topics and news…often I just need to see a random object and a process starts in my head where I try to set up a new view on it or to put this into a special actual situation.

2) How did you decide this concept of creativity?

I studied Communication Design and work as an Art Director in advertising now, with a focus on visually attractive and clever images, that’s my favourite thing to think about. During my study I realised that it doesn’t take much to tell a story, it’s often totally fine to combine two things in a new way to create something interesting… and if the viewer is laughing and may be thinking about my concepts, then that’s all I want. I am glad I can inspire others.

Feature of the day: @tonyfutura

3) Any favourite post particularly to you?

I like all of my posts, but my favourites are the latex-smiley mask, the Finger print, the Jenga towers, the Lego Mondrian and the lemons…oh and the iPhone car!

Feature of the day: @tonyfutura

Feature of the day: @tonyfutura

Feature of the day: @tonyfutura

It was really difficult to pick a sample of his work, as @tonyfutura loves to experiment with many different ideas, so make sure you check more at his Instagram profile.


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