28th April 2016 Zoe Miranda

Give a Grad a gift

Good Luck Card


We’ve all been there – some of us more recently than others – however the pressure is something I’m sure you remember well! Whilst some people breeze through their exams, soaking up endless notes, others find remembering more information than they’ll ever need to know somewhat more challenging. Unfortunately, it’s something all of us have to go through before we embark on the next stages of our career. At some point, all of us have sat in a school hall, willing the clock to slow down as we painstakingly scribble down answers.

Whilst we can give you a list of suggestions to help beat the stress and make this time easier for someone going through ‘the exam period’ – listen to classical music, take a walk, play with puppies etc, thortful also believe that letting them know they’re in your thoughts with a Good Luck keepsake, can’t really go amiss.

Here’s a few of our favourites to get you started…

For the creative writer and the aspiring artist

Untitled design (25)

For the all-round grad student

Untitled design (26)

For the smart ar*se

Smart Arse

..and for everyone else, because we think EVERYONE deserves a massive pat on the back!

Good Luck

That’s it from us, now it’s over to you to send those Good Luck vibes!

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