4th August 2016 Tirion Cullen

Hot Off the Press: thortful in the Metro

Metro pic

‘Forget a box of Milk Tray or roses from the petrol station, last-minute gifts can be awesome and thoughtful… or should that be thortful? Select from loads of great hand-written, personalised and bespoke greetings cards crafted by top-notch designers and posted the same day.’

Featured in the:

Metro on 22nd July 2016 (Circulation: 764,716)

Metro Scotland on 22nd July 2016 (Circulation: 122,647)

Metro East Midlands on 26th July 2016, (Circulation: 40,192)

Metro North East on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 55,333)

Metro North West on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 105,293)

Metro Liverpool on 26th July 2016 (Circulation: 33,904)


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