30th July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



Wimbledon has long gone, unfortunately, but thanks to Miriam Muñoz, we have a reminder right here! Our Thortful Image of the Day is an illustration from Miriam’s poster series for Club Siroco in Spain. She has been creating them since 2011 and you can see them here.

Miriam is a freelancer who worked in our very own Blighty for two years with Crush Design and as a video game tester for Babel Media. Miriam’s feminism and pursuance of diversity (much like ours) is apparent throughout her illustrations. She often uses bright colours, like the ones above, and always manages to maintain her spirited style. She has also designed for Beerfest in Madrid and the International School of Photography.

Please see her personal website here, see her instagram here or connect with her on twitter!

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