31st July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


future of money

Thortful’s image of the day today is The ‘Future of Money’. We loved this clever series at Thortful HQ and decided to shine a little more light on its wonderful London-based creator, Tianju Duan. In lieu of Apple Pay being introduced in London tube stations recently, as well as our previous history posts (here and here), we thought it would be rather fitting. Sure, we’re a little geeky, but that never hurt anyone!

Tianju is multi-talented illustrator, graphic designer, animator and print maker. After graduating from University in Madrid, he came to Blighty to pursue a Masters in Illustration & Visual Media at the London College of Communication. There are multiple thortful illustrations at Tianju’s profile on Behance, but you can also check out his Tumblr or view the full series at his personal website.

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