10th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


rock me amadeus



We’re in a musical mood here, again, at Thortful HQ. So when we were scrolling through Elisa Poggese’s lively, illustrative portfolio, her wonderful Amadeus print brought the office alive with the sound of music. We’ve all got to admit that we love a little cheekiness and sass in our images, even if it is a PG kind of fun (for now), and “Rock Me Amadeus” has all the right elements – a stark contrast of bright colours and a little acerbic typography.

Elisa Poggese is a talented Italian illustrator and graphic designer. She’s one of our favourite kinds of creators – she loves fandom, fan art, and anything in between, and makes a great case for women artists. You can see her art blog here, where you’ll find her contact information, too.

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