17th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



There comes a point part way through the summer where we almost wish the sunshine would go away so that the Autumn TV schedule would come back. We’re in one of those moods today at Thortful Headquarters. As such, our Thortfully designed image of the day is a poster by Alexander Bielovich promoting – you guessed it – Mad Men. We can’t quench our thirst with anymore Mad Men, so we might as well stare wistfully at one of the better meta-esque posters it inspired, eh? (If you like it, stick around for more fan-art-based design later on today, though that one’s for the bookworms.)

We digress! Alex is a graphic designer, illustrator and typographer based in Durban, South Africa. He’s done it all, including design work for Nestlé, branding for local companies, creating his own typeface, and just generally curating a lovely, current portfolio which you can see here. You can also connect with him on his instagram or see his inspiration on tumblr.

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