24th September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


robert-delaunay-quoterobert-delaunay-quote-1438716997 robert-delaunay-quote-1438717002

Perhaps the reason we love typography so much is because we often find our best sources of inspiration in the quotes spelled out and used by creatives. We’ve featured Fran Efless, and the entirely different Christian Mugisha, and today our spotlight is on home-grown illustrator and designer Haydn Symons. We’re always interested in seeing different creatives’ own interpretation of the ‘personal motto’ medium, and Haydn’s work, above, is no exception.

We’d testify under oath that Haydn is a stand-up guy too, and we also love that he included the earlier drafts of the quote and hand-lettering to give us more of an insight into his process. Haydn’s work is very often handmade, which gives it an organic kind of aesthetic that sets it apart, but he isn’t afraid to create the odd razor-sharp vector with equally vibrant and eye-catching colours. Check out his personal website here, or his twitter here.

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