21st August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 15.27.50

Today’s Image Of The Day is more of an excuse to post Nicolas Mardones’ portfolio, but also to share the motivation for the weekend – we’re all close to wrapping up the week. We have some incredible stuff lined up for the coming weeks here at Thortful, so we thought we’d take this moment of rest to indulge in the simplicity of Nicolas’s instagram, which is full of incredible calligraphy and hand lettering.

It’s pretty common knowledge that watching koi fish is so therapeutic because we, as human beings, love watching the figure 8 formed continuously, which is why it’s so calming to watch typographers work and why handlettering videos are so shareable. Well, Nicolas’s instagram is the jackpot for videos on calligraphy; short, sweet, and likely to give you a perfect push into the weekend. You can see all the action here.

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