18th September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


74948928655823.55cb4f6a28cc9Today’s image of the day comes from homegrown illustrator Alexander Wilson. As well as it being incredibly autumnal, we realised it had been a long time since we had featured illustration that appealed to children, which we feel is illustration in its purest and most timeless form. Alex trained for a year at Teesside University in the UK before transferring to the Savannah College of Art in Design in the US, and his work is reflective of both rainy English sensibilities and the open waters of the Deep South.

Alex is represented by Advocate Art, and though children’s illustration isn’t his only medium, we did think it was one of the highlights of his portfolio. Evocative of  C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carroll and the classical Disney era, it’s no surprise Alex was hired by Disney’s New York division in 2010 for in-house projects. Since then he’s made a very welcome return to the UK and now works out of our own North Yorkshire. We strongly encourage you to see his beautiful portfolio here or connect on twitter.

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