Using Instagram for your business

With over 1 billion active users and over 100 million users using Instagram to shop, optimising your Instagram account should be top of the list for every small business owner. Below are two super helpful webinars from the team at Enterprise Nation. They help people create great small businesses through inspirational content, events, community and campaigning.

The first webinar will go through how to grow your following on Instagram and the second webinar will take you through using some of the tools on Instagram, particularly helpful if you need a refresh or just starting out!

Growing your following on Instagram

In this webinar Sara Tasker from @me_and_orla, UK Instagram Expert and Certified Coach for Online & Creative Businesses gives advice on how to increase your following on Instagram.

Full video here: Lunch and Learn: How to build a following on Instagram | Enterprise Nation

Instagram for business tips

Also, check out this helpful webinar with further Instagram tips hosted by She Means Business trainer and award-winning social media expert Natalie Sherman from Naturally Social.

Tips include:

  • How to make your business stand out on Instagram
  • How best to utilise Instagram Stories such as polls, introducing new products etc
  • Introduction to Instagram shopping and IGTV

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