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Interview with Alice Potter

Interview with Alice Potter

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How did you start with design and illustration?

I studied Textile Design in London, where I specialized in Digital Print. After graduating in 2008, I was bit lost and it took me until 2010 before I took a short course in Illustration just on a whim.
The short course taught me what illustration was, and I produced a portfolio and set up my very first website shortly after.

Who inspires you?

My friends and family are enormous sources of inspiration. They spur me on to do what I do and without their support I would have had a very different career path. I also love the support and and community you get online through e-courses and facebook groups. People you have never met who give advice when needed and support your work. It’s so special.

Interview with Alice Potter

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Do you remember your first illustration/design?

My first official commission was for Computer Arts Magazine. It was a small spot piece of two female friends drinking coffee. Magazines can be so forward thinking and willing to work with new and unpublished artists, for which I am forever grateful.

How do you maintain your creativity?

I honestly struggle with this aspect of my work. I recently joined Creativebug to watch videos and learn some new skills. I’m currently working through some fantastic drawing videos by one of my favourite artists, Lisa Congdon. My agent has a private blog for the artists where new trends and client requests are posted. It helps to focus my mind more when I have a definitive list to work towards. I use pinterest in much the same way, with boards on a variety of different themes. Each theme is something I intend to do work on at some point in the future.

Interview with Alice Potter

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Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?

One of my best projects was working with Ted Baker on the Bakers Dozen project. It was a project with 13 artists, all of whom created limited edition artworks on very British themes. We had to sign over 1000 prints at Td Baker HQ, and we were also filmed for a promotional video that would be screened in stores worldwide. The exclusive posters where available to customers who spent over £250 and I still get messages from people who happened to get one back in 2012. It was such an all ecompassing, fulfilling project and the creative team were a pleasure to work with.
I also once did a wedding gift for an actor on Home & Away, which was great fun too.

What’s your favourite theme/topic for your illustrations/designs?

I adore drawing flowers and birds. These themes come to me more naturally than others. More recently I have been interested in typography. It’s been a great addition to my portfolio.

Interview with Alice Potter

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As you love colours, how difficult would it be to pick a favourite colour?


What’s your favourite social network to promote your work?

For me Instagram is the best place to be. It’s simple but effective. I have even taken a course in how best to use it, I am that obsessed by its potential.

Tell us about your professional plans for the future. How do you see yourself in 2 years?

I only ever want to be working on projects I love and to see my work bringing pleasure in the world. I’m currently working on a children’s book which should be in the shops in 2017, so that’s something to look forward to.

Interview with Alice Potter

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About You

Name: Alice Potter
City: London
Dream destination: USA
Favourite Colour: Pink
3 things you’d take on a desert island: My friend Fay because she is very resourceful, some tinned food and a picture of my boyfriend
Strangest moment I’ve experienced: When I met Roger Daltry from The Who. I have never been more petrified.
“I’d love to____ make the world a prettier place
Describe yourself in 3 words: A bit scatty, a dreamer, and very sensitive
Links to promote:

Website: http://alicepotter.co.uk/
Instagram: @alicepotter
Twitter: @AlicePotter
Facebook: AlicePotterIllustration

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Interview with Alice Potter

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