Interview with Lauren Goodland

Interview with Lauren Goodland

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How did you start with design?

I started ‘designing’ (well what I thought was designing) when I was in school, I managed to get my hands on Corel Paint Shop Pro, which isn’t ideal, but it taught me enough to feel passionate about what I was doing. In art class my work was quite digital, I didn’t even know what Graphic Design was back then, all I knew was that my work didn’t really fit into what we were doing in Art. Now, ironically I look to art and like to make my work more hand rendered. It’s funny to look back and see little hints of liking design, even when I was five, using Microsoft Paint, or 13, making terrible Bebo Skins.

Who inspires you?

There are a several people whose work inspires me and also their attitude to creativity. I love Stefan Sagmeisters’ views on the creative world along with James Victore’s motivational Youtube series ‘Burning Questions.’ They’re both rule breakers I guess and this excites me. I’ve always loved Kate Moross’ unique style and I’ve been lucky enough to get some great advice from Ben Tallon – his podcast ‘Arrest All Mimics’ is a great inspiring listen on the way to uni.

Do you remember your first design?

I don’t remember the first, but there are a few terrible and embarrassing designs on the likes of Flickr and DeviantArt (oh the nostalgia!) – They’re pretty terrible, but what I like is that I was so free back then, I could create a design for no reason. Looking back through my old sketchbooks I remember how much fun I had. I’m trying to get that back at the moment, but it’s hard when you risk your degree!

Interview with Lauren Goodland

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How do you find inspiration?

Sometimes it can take me quite a long time to get in ‘the zone’, the other week I had a pretty low creativity week and I just couldn’t get the motivation I needed, but then my motivation levels slowly went up and I couldn’t be stopped! It’s these kind of moments I create my best work, when this happens I can often be seen running around my house with a pot of ink that is often all over my hands, too. I resemble a crazy scientist. In uni I often get stopped and told I have ink on my face, I’m used to it now.

Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?

I’m actually really enjoying my project right now. It’s the first proper project in third year and we’re really being pushed to create things we feel passionate about. I’m working on a product that helps elderly and younger people at the same time, It’s called ‘Craft Capsule’ and its aim is to preserve craft traditions. Retired people can spend their time teaching younger people their craft, it keeps older people’s minds active and also gives to kids a chance to physically make things. I like the idea of passing life experiences down through generations. Because the product is aimed around making things, I’m enjoying taking a really hand rendered approach.

Interview with Lauren Goodland


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What’s your favourite theme for your designs?

With my greeting cards I’ve tried to just be honest, I wanted them to say things that normal greeting cards don’t. I’m quite an honest and open person and this can be seen by my sometimes weird and unfiltered tweets that come straight from my mind! I enjoy creating work that has a little bit of controversy, I hope in the future I can make things that give back to the community and help people.

How do you define creativity?

I’d say creativity is a really strong tool to have, it’s almost like politics – you have freedom to say what you want with creativity so you should always use that to your advantage. It’s very opinion-based, which means it can be hard to please everyone. I think creativity should be emotive and thought-provoking. I don’t think I want to be labelled as a graphic designer because I don’t want to just design, I want to do a bit of everything, I think that’s the great thing about being a creative, the crossovers between careers are endless.

Interview with Lauren Goodland


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What’s your favourite social network to promote your work?

I love Twitter and I think it’s a great tool to get in contact with people (especially creatives you look up to). I tried to have a separate creative account on Twitter originally, but then I realised I shouldn’t have to worry about censoring myself, so now I just stick to the one. I think it helps having personality both online and in your work. I also love Instagram and it recently became more like a mini portfolio to me, although more of a process portfolio – it’s a good way to see how people work. I love the online creative community and I’ve met a lot of friends online, some of which I’ve met up with in real life. Sadly, they live all over the UK!

Tell us about your professional plans for the future. How do you see yourself in 2 years?

At the moment I’m just going with the flow, really. I finish uni next year and it really scares me because I don’t know what to expect or what’s going to happen, I hate not having a life plan! I don’t know if I’ll get a job I’m passionate about, or if i’ll have to continue working in a photo lab processing dodgy photos. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to move away, this all really depends on what happens when I graduate, but it’s definitely something I’d like to do in the future. I’d love to live in Bristol or even give London a try for a little while, but it’s a scary thought! I hope that I stick to my gut feeling with my work, this always seems to work for me. I want a portfolio that has personality and makes me happy.

About You

Name: Lauren Goodland
City: Newport, South Wales
Favourite Quote: “Think outside of the box, collapse the box and take a f*cking sharp knife to it.” – Banksy
Dream destination: A little coloured house in Bristol (maybe even Dublin or Edinburgh)
Favourite Colour: Yellow
3 things you’d take on a desert island: Lots of food, a diary & a Posca pen
Describe yourself in 3 words: Messy, Naive & Happy (mostly)
Links to promote: Twitter: @dorkfeatures Instagram @dorkfeatures Blog:


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