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Interview with Stef Rymenants

Interview with Stef Rymenants

Do you remember your first drawing/illustration?
Not really, but ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing most of the time. Super-cars, monsters and animals.

How did you start drawing/illustrating? Did you learn it on your own?
At 15, I went to art school. Later on, I managed to get a master degree in graphic design at KASK in Ghent.
After study, I worked several years as an art director in advertising and I was always impressed by the work of the illustrators. I realized that drawing and illustrating was what I really wanted to do myself. But it took me several years to take the decision to give up art direction and start drawing for a living.

Interview with Stef Rymenants

Who inspires you and what’s the best way to find creativity?
I am inspired by designer/illustrator/painter/comic artist Javier Mariscal from Barcelona (www.mariscal.com). He makes the craziest things and it’s always fun.
But everything around can trigger my brain. A magazine, an old man on the street with a dog, a girl on a bicycle, birds in the garden, a cat in front of a window… I always carry a sketchbook with me. If I really can’t concentrate I go to the city for a coffee. Watching and drawing people can really boost my creativity. And if that doesn’t help, I take a small nap 🙂

How do you actually define creativity?
It’s about seeing possibilities in making new things from existing forms or objects.

Do you have a personally favourite project up to now?
Making cool cards for Thortful.com of course. In December there’s also an exhibition with a few other artists in my hometown Brussels.

What’s your favourite theme for your illustrations?
I like to draw girls and animals. What would Sigmund Freud say about that!?

What’s your favourite social network to promote your work?
Béhance is nice. But it’s tempting to keep browsing through the work of artists too much and too long. It can be intimidating because some of them are soooo good.

Tell us about your professional plans for the future. How do you see yourself in 2 years?
I always dreamed of being invited as “an artist in residence”. How nice would that be? So I see myself drawing in a cool city like Glasgow, Kopenhagen or Stockholm

Interview with Stef Rymenants

About You

Name: Stef Rymenants
City: Brussels, Belgium
Favourite Quote: “You have to get out, so that the ideas can find you” a creative director once told me. And he’s right.
Dream destination: I really love the Scottish Highlands. I don’t mind the rain.
Favourite Colour: C48 M2 Y28 K8
3 things you’d take on a desert island: My beautiful wife, a sketchbook and a 6B pencil. It would be nice if my two sons came over every now and then.
Strangest moment I’ve experienced: On a holiday in Crete, we took a nap in our hotel room with the windows wide open. When we woke up, it was already dark. I stepped out of bed and suddenly something began screaming and moving around. Then it escaped trough the windows. It was completely dark so I will never know what it was!
“I’d love to   : have one of my drawings on the cover of the New Yorker
Describe yourself in 3 words: a bit weird
Link to checkstefrymenants.bebehance.net/stfts


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