Linking To Your thortful Profile

We love seeing our creators work shared around the web ❀️

One thing which can really help build your profile and increase sales is by sharing your thortful page on your social media and your own website (if you have one).

Even if you sell your cards yourself through a different medium (e.g. Etsy or your own site), doing this could still be worthwhile in case customers are looking for one of your cards more urgently, in a larger size format, or if they are after a card-and-gift combo. By providing them with more options for buying your cards, you are more likely to see more purchases too πŸ™‚

If you’re struggling to find your profile link, then simply go to your profile page on thortful and copy the web address shown in your browser. You can also share your page on social media by clicking the icons at the top, or adding your profile link to your Instagram bio for example. If you’ve got more than one link to share then why not set up a Linktree, an easy way to direct people to all of the places they can buy your designs.

Remember you can also customise your URL to make it represent your brand better – just click the ‘edit profile’ button and follow the steps from there.