21st April 2016 Gemma Lacey

Milestone Birthdays

From one to one hundred and beyond, birthdays are exciting events which is why a card marking a special day is often a treasured souvenir. We’ve combed our cards and picked out some of the finest examples of milestone birthday cards to help you on your way. So whether someone is turning five or 50 we can help you put a smile on their face.

They might not be aware of it but turning one is pretty special, this animaltastic design is so fun it’ll put a smile on Mum and Dad’s faces too.

Next we skip ahead a little, but three cheers for turning five! There has to be some benefit to being shipped off to big school and we think this awesome octopus design might just be it.

Moving on to the big leagues, we have sweet sixteen! As well as getting to sit GCSE’s, they can now ride a scooter and enjoy a little bit more of what the world has to offer. With this in mind you need a more sophisticated card – one that recognises their new found grown up status. This patterned design should fit that brief perfectly.

Now to 18, everything is legal and they may even be driving! Time to celebrate this big adult milestone with a fab, shiny design which screams congratulations on becoming a grown up!

Next we get to 21, they’ve got a few years of practice at being an adult underway and their taste is a little more high brow. Time to show them you care with this stylish textile inspired design.

Finally we start to get a bit of breathing room between milestone birthdays, that is until the so called “Big 30“. Some say your thirties are the most fun decade, so set them off on the right track with this cheerful balloon design.

Next we get to 40, time to remind them what’s left to achieve with this handy card to give them some perspective.


Next we get to fabulous 50, pick a big bold design to wish them a really Happy Birthday!

For 60, a healthy dose of humour should put a smile on their face. Megan Claire’s design is just the card to do it.

Skipping ahead to 80, nothing will cheer your Gran up more than a card featuring her favourite plant.  This pretty cyclamen design from Caroline Davies will look great on her mantelpiece or windowsill as a memory of a special day.

80th Birthday

80th Birthday

Finally we get to 90 and given the Queen herself reaches this milestone birthday this year, flattery seems a great way to go and JellynBean have done the hard work for you.


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