New themes for Mother’s Day 2019

Here at thortful HQ we’ve been brainstorming some topics to inspire your Mother’s Day designs! From classic ‘Mum’ activities and sayings, to current trends to adapt for the occasion, read our hotlist to get inspired:


Illustrations work best for these kinds of cards, but try to go for a generic breed/colouring!

From the dog

From the cat

Cat/dog themed

Other ‘from the pet’


From the Kids:

Think about things which might define a mother-child relationship for each age-range, and use this to inspire your design.

From the baby

From the bump

From the toddler


TV and Film:

Think about characters, and quotes or catchphrases which might tie in well!

Bake Off

Dancing on Ice

I’m a Celebrity

Real Housewives of…

Mamma Mia

Mary Poppins

Game of Thrones


Classic ‘Mum’ roles:

Often a defining part of our relationships with our mums! Think about different age groups too.

Home Cooking


Tidying up after the kids

Tying shoelaces


Current trending topics:

Politics (or political figures) – think Trump, Corbyn etc.

Celebrities (think famous mums, or celebs who are particularly appealing to the ‘mum’ demographic)

Books (think kids’ books and mother characters)


Social media & games (how do mums interact with these new mediums?)


Not just Mum:

For Grandmother

For Stepmum

For Mother figures

We want our Mother’s Day 2019 collection to stand out from the crowd, and for you guys to make lots of sales on your designs, so we hope these ideas help you to feel inspired!

Remember to search the site before designing and uploading, in order to make sure your design is offering something unique and is unlike anything we already have on thortful.

Get your Mother’s Day designs uploaded to the site by Monday 4th February to ensure they are considered for this year’s collection!

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