9th November 2015 Tereza Litsa

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Mondays are ideal for inspiring projects, as they provide you with the right motivation to work harder, until you achieve the desired results. Eva Winters certainly knows how to be creatively consistent, combining photography with the right typography, turning her Instagram feed into a piece of art.

And if you need a bigger motivational boost, make sure you check Eva’s Daily Type Challenge, a yearly project that is all about artistic consistency, proving that creativity is never lost!

How do you find inspiration for your next design?

I know this may sound cliché however I find inspiration everywhere. I have a note in my phone where I write down bits and pieces of inspiration. Some sparks come mostly from music, films, Scripture, world events, or just daily encounters with friends and family. Some of those sparks of creativity have been marinating in there for awhile while some barely spend a day or two in creative limbo.

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

What’s your favourite design up to now? 

That’s a difficult question, since I’ve been doing the Daily Type Challenge, quality has not been a priority. Favorite pieces of mine are those which I spent at least two or three days working on one piece. I also love incorporating illustration into my type pieces which doesn’t happen often as its time consuming. Some of my current favorites would be: “Wolves & Doubts” (Day 299) “As the Deer Longs” (Day 273), “Beautifully in Over My Head” (Day 269) “Blurryface” (Day 191) and maybe “Amidst the Dust” (Day 241). At least for now those are my current favorites.

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

What makes a perfect match for photography and typography? How do you decide how to blend them? 

Usually I’ll look for a photo with a lot of negative space around the subject of the photo. Honestly, I value the composition of the photo more than the subject. Consequently, this sometimes results with type that doesn’t fit the context of the photo. I try to find a photo that somewhat has to do with my type. However with such a short timespan, this doesn’t sometimes work out. 

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

How do you define creativity? 

Creativity is seeing beauty and purpose where others see nothing. Creativity is creating art “just because”. Art for art’s sake. Some may say that art, logically, has no purpose. You can come to that conclusion from just skimming the surface of “art.” But is we dive deeper into the logic of art, “art for art’s sake” inspires and ignites creativity. Art does not have to have purpose or a message, that is why it is so beautiful and must be protected. Sorry, that’s a long definition of “creativity”. In short, creativity is seeing beauty and purpose where others see nothing.

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

How do you see your professional future? 

I just graduated this past May. Even though it’s been six months, they have been flying past too fast. I feel as though I’m still trying to get my feet under me from tumbling out into the real world. Most recently, I’ve been starting to get more freelance jobs, that plus my full time design job has made my professional “present” a bit hectic. This Daily Type Challenge has improved my skills tenfold. However, I am eager to be finished with it as it is time consuming and I hope to devote more time and effort into my pieces instead of sacrificing my half-baked pieces to the Daily Type beast before they’re ready. In my professional future, I hope to be involved with more projects and clients outside of my comfort zone (and time zone, who knows) and expand my personal freelance business. I also hope to be challenged in the future as much as my Daily Type Challenge has challenged me.

Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Which one of your designs would you turn into a greeting card? 

Perhaps Day 260 “Speak Uplifting Words” or “Day 230 “You’re Worth It” as both have very positive messages.  

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 13.40.07 Photography and Typography Combined by Eva Winters

Is there a specific project you’d like to talk about?

Of course! Right now, I am doing a year project called the Daily Type Challenge where I do one piece and publish it daily on Instagram. Shameless plug— follow the struggle on Instagram @evamwinters.

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