Self care when working from home 🌞

As you may know, it’s ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and we think it’s really important to address health and wellness – especially after a challenging year.

As creatives, we know a lot of you will be spending most of your time working on your designs alone at home which can be a challenge in itself. Because of this, we thought we’d take a break from the creator basics series to give you something less about your thortful account and more about your working life. Don’t worry though, our creator basics will be back soon!

We’ve put together a list of top tips to make working from home more fun!

  • Create a schedule! Treat your time at home just like you would an office 9-5. Set your self breaks and take them in their entirety. This means you can be refreshed and productive when you’re back to work!
  • Set goals – having something to work towards keeps you motivated and self accountable.
  • Take time out in nature or a new environment. It’s easy to get bored, restless or irritable when you’re spending a lot of time in once place but getting outdoors will make you feel calmer.
scenic view
  • The key to the heart is through the stomach so think about food too! Treat yourself every so often to delicious snacks or takeaways. This will help stop the monotony and repetition of your schedule. Make sure you’re separating meals from work too by eating in a different area or even outside!
  • Expose yourself to new things out of your comfort zone. When you’re lacking creative inspiration, try throwing yourself into new media types, interests, and cultures. Watching a movie you wouldn’t normally choose or finding a new musician to listen to can provide all sorts of new ideas!
  • You can take the last tip one step further by even matching the mood to what you absorb. Working on a project that’s a little more technical and requires a lot of concentration? Try an inspiring podcast! Doodling away on something more relaxing? How about a summery, music playlist?
  • Get dressed and ready as you would for any other job. When you look the part, you also feel the part. This will also stop you feeling sleepy from being too comfortable.
  • Socialise where possible – even if its through FaceTime while you work.
  • Don’t forget to exercise and move your body! It’ll make time go quicker, and boost those positive endorphins 💪🏼
  • Create an organised workspace and keep it clean. This helps productivity and lets your body know where the work life balance is.

Let us know by tagging us in your IG stories what your favourite WFH self care tip is!