16th June 2016 Shannon Kovacs

Strictly Fashion: Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is in full swing and today marks the start of Ladies Day – a chance to wear your poshest frock and most extravagant hat.

But did you know there’s STRICT rules regarding what you can wear to the racing festival? Aintree this isn’t, and your attire at Royal Ascot is judged by the length of  your dress, heel height and hat width!

Read on to discover the fashion rules you wouldn’t dare to break in front of the Queen!


Illustration by Jax Barrett

Royal Enclosure

If you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a day out at the Races in the same enclosure as the Queen, then beware – there’s strict rules to follow!


  • Dresses and skirts can be no shorter than just above the knee!
  • Dresses and tops should have at least a strap of one inch or more.
  • Hats should have a solid base of 4 inches or more in diameter.
  • Strapless, off-the-shoulder and halter neck dresses are NOT allowed.
  • Fascinators are not deemed an acceptable choice of headwear.

Rose Hill demonstrates the acceptable style of dress perfectly with her chic, card design.



  • Black or grey are the suit colours of choice to abide by.
  • A waistcoat and tie, top hat and plain black shoes are to be worn
  • You can only remove your top hat within a restaurant, private box, terrace or any other seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden.

We’d imagine this is the sort of attire required for gentlemen, as illustrated by Ink & Ocean, but strictly in black or grey!


The Royal Enclosure is certainly pretty strict when it comes to dress code, however, if you’re not gracing the same enclosure as our Queen, the other enclosures are much more relaxed. Phew!

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