15th July 2015 Ghazzala Zubair

The Power of an Image

henry vii

Illustration by Richard Thompson.

By Claudia McInerney

An image, whether it be a sketch, a painting or a photograph, has always been said to “say a thousand words”.

It would be impossible to go a day without seeing an image. We see them everywhere: on Piccadilly Circus’ billboards, on our Instagram feed, in newspapers and most importantly, on greeting cards.

Images serve several purposes.

They are a projection of a snapshot in time. Paintings of King Henry VIII standing tall and proud highlight the importance that monarchs in the sixteenth century placed on appearing all-powerful. Painters were advised to pay close attention to the King’s red and gold clothing in order to evoke messages about his wealth, pride and political strength.

They reveal something about the nature of the object.

For example, the faint and careful lines which creatives use to sketch ballerinas capture and reflect the precision with which they move. The gracefulness of their movements do not need to be described by words: the image itself does the talking.

They show traditional messages and create timeless memories.

Wedding Day Photographs are a prime example of this type of image. Photographs of the bride and groom capture the typical mutual love and affection between the two. What’s more, these images can be passed on through generations, meaning that children and grandchildren can detect the passion between the two, even decades later. The power of photography, therefore, means that moments, which were thought to be irreversible, can be kept alive forever.

At thortful, we believe in the power of an image. A card contains an image that can summarise a feeling, a talking point, a private joke or just evoke that lovely warm feeling that shows someone is thinking of you. We will help people send a relevant card, one that the card recipient will love. We also enable the recipient to unlock sentiments behind the image and decipher the message for themselves. Images are powerful. They make us human. Here’s to images and their talented creators.

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