Think Like a Customer

The best way to decide if your new card will sell? Put yourself in the shoes of a customer.

We’ve laid out some top tips on how to do this, so that you can critique each design before you upload, and ask yourself ‘will customers buy this?’.

1. Customers are looking for a card for a specific occasion

Nine times out of ten, customers will be searching for a card for a specific occasion, be that a birthday, anniversary or something to say congratulations. When a customer comes to the site, this is usually the first way they will start to filter down the selection of cards. To fit this need, each design you upload needs to be clearly catered towards a specific occasion category in order to cater to this need.

2. Customers are looking for a card for a specific person

Similarly, just as customers come with an occasion in mind, they will also be looking for a card for a specific person. What people want is something that is relatable for either the recipient, or even better, the relationship which they have them. When designing, remember to ask yourself ‘who is going to buy this card, and who are they going to buy it for?’. If you can’t think of anyone who you’d buy the card for, or know a group of people who the card would be really relevant to, then it could be a sign that the design isn’t quite right.

3. Customers need to be drawn in by the card at thumbnail size

When a customer first lands on thortful, they will be scrolling through a list of cards. As these are thumbnail-size, anything which isn’t clear enough at this size will most likely be overlooked, so getting the visual hierarchy right is key. This instagram post really demonstrates this point:

Make sure the most important words or parts of the text are big enough to read at thumbnail size, and ensure that the card looks attractive and is enticing people to click on it.

4. Customers want something which catches their eye

Customers want something which both stands out, and is a little different to what they have seen before. They want to feel like they are seeing something new, and finding something which will be new for the recipient too – no one wants to feel like they are sending a generic card. In addition, your card needs to visually differentiate itself from the others on the page – don’t copy a style that has been done before, but create something unique.

Hopefully this helps you to get inside the customer mindset, and ensure that your cards are the ones catching customers’ eyes.