8th March 2016 Shannon Kovacs

thortful Celebrates International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and here at thortful we understand the importance of celebrating women who have inspired, motivated and supported us.

What this day means differs from person to person, but it could be anybody from a strong, female friend who has faced serious challenges in her life, but rises above them graciously, or it could be your mother, grandmother, step-mum etc. Perhaps the leading lady in your life who you admire greatly helped raise and shape you into the person you are today.

We recently spoke with three of our brilliant creators – Jodi Pedri, Eva of Happy Nut Creations and Tamsin of Higgledy Ink, who all spoke of their appreciation for their mums.

Have a read below at their touching messages of love for their mothers, and on this day tell a female you respect how much you admire them.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Tamsin of Higgledy Ink

“When my mum wasn’t looking after myself, my four brothers and sister, she was painting, knitting, drawing, or creating in some shape or form. Growing up in this environment meant that from an early age I saw expressing myself through art as a vital outlet. Her support for my creative endeavours has been a constant in my life. It’s given me the foundation to believe in myself and follow my heart.”

Tamsin McGeown mum pic

Eva of Happy Nut Creations

“Both my mum and me fell in love with drawing when we were little. While I was a kid, my mum spent lots of time doodling with me, and I learned by watching her. She was very talented, but in her time it wasn’t considered a suitable career so she wasn’t able to take it further. However, she always encouraged me to draw and pursue my passions in the creative field.

Eva Happy Nut + mum

Jodi Pedri

My mother saw the talent in me before anyone else. From a young age she made sure I was surrounded and given any and all creative opportunities. She supported me when I wanted to attend school in New York, and made it possible to pursue my dream which lead me to where I am today. She taught me to dream, believe in myself and most importantly to be fearless, and because of her love and support I am living my dream. Love you Mom!”

Jodi Pedri and mom polaroid