thortful x The Queer Store

We caught up with Paige from The Queer Store who runs their thortful Creator account with wife, Nikols. We talk all things being a Creator, from how they started in 2020 through to their thortful highlight and more…

What led you to become a thortful Creator?

I have always illustrated and even studied it at uni so before the cards I was doing the odd freelance gig but it wasn’t my main income. It was coming up to my Birthday in April 2020 and my wife mentioned she was finding it difficult to find a card that fits us as a lesbian couple. I then received a thortful card from a friend for my Birthday and my wife came up with the idea of putting my illustrations on cards and uploading them to thortful. So we set up our online marketplace store and I haven’t looked back since!

What inspires you to design cards?

I only illustrate what I am interested in and passionate about, which is pop culture and our LGBTQ+ community. I often get feedback from customers saying they feel seen and are so grateful to see themselves represented in our cards. That has always been a goal of mine. We want our community to have as much selection as anyone else when they are looking for a card.

What has been your thortful highlight so far?

Mother’s day 2021 we had a huge spike in sales and it meant so much to me to think of the thousands of mums around the country who were opening one of my designs on their special day.
Also being able to send my own mum one of my designs felt fantastic.

image of Paige from The Queer Store and a quote

As it is Pride Month, please can you share why Pride is important to you?

Pride is important to me because as someone who really struggled to come out when I was a teenager leading into my early 20s and losing people when I did, now as an adult I am so proud of who I am and I no longer keep it a secret. I am able to live an open happy life with my wife on our narrowboat and am grateful every day that we are able to do so. Our community needs pride because society still has a very long way to go before we are accepted fully. In my opinion, the brave people at the Stonewall riots who started this journey for us will always be heroes.

Tell us about your first experience at Pride

It was 2012 and I took the train alone from Plymouth to London to meet some friends I had met on social media. I was extremely nervous but when I got into the heart of it all I had one of the most emotional experiences of my life. From not really having any LGBTQ+ friends in my hometown to suddenly being surrounded by thousands of people like me was incredible. Seeing everyone singing, dancing, being free and their true selves in the open like that really was so special. Since then I have tried to go to at least one every year including NYC in 2017 and a couple of years ago I actually marched in the London parade.

Your Drag Race cards are customer favourites, what would be your Drag Queen name?

Ooo that’s a tough question, I’m a bit of an elder emo so I guess something like ‘Lil Spooky‘ maybe?!
Not the most creative, I think I’ll stick to designing cards!

You can follow The Queer Store’s journey over on Instagram @thequeerstoreuk