11th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


9c27f9100253ce820aa369fa318801af ba691ec39e6bebfed6ad8f9215777eedWe know. Just call it ‘Typography of the Day’ and have done with it. But we can’t help our infatuation with lettering here at Thortful HQ, especially when you come across someone like Mario De Meyer, or DM² graphics – clever, eh? Based in Ghent, Belgium, Mario is a self-described ‘freelance graphic designer / typoholic’. It sounds very much like we ought to form some kind of support group.

Mario makes full use of the digital medium, and more than anything, his work is detailed on a huge scale. As well as contributing amazing design to the 36 days of type challenge (above), he has designed for calendars, Adobe, and has a thing for creating typographic posters out of catchy lyrics. We beseech you to see his instagram and his behance portfolio if you’re looking for a fix.

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