13th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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We thought we’d try something a little meta and ironic for today’s Thortful Design. Rosie Gopaul, a full-time lead designer and freelancer based in Vancouver, Canada, created these clever, illustrative posters for Social Rehab, a Singapore-based organization committed to helping find a way to ease the anxiety of online social interactions.

As a bunch of happily-addicted digital nerds, we can say we’re alright without Social Rehab’s help, but we can appreciate their concept and their very clinical (in a good way) advertising. We can attest that Rosie, who works mainly in branding and identity but is also a talented typographer, is charming as sliced bread, and her portfolio’s not too bad either. Check it out here, or connect with her on instagram or twittter.

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