17th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


1984-01 1 FRAN-01

As we mentioned earlier we’re feeling the midsummer haze at Thortful HQ. A book, a movie, a little HBO and some air conditioning and we’d be set. We’re very lucky to come close enough by looking at some incredibly thortful design, this time from the very talented Susan Marianas and her designer friends. George Orwell’s Animal Farm being published 70 years ago today is just a happy coincidence.

Susan picked books close to her heart (and ours, might we just say) including the above, as well as Holes by Louis Sacher, Charlotte’s Web and The Giver. As part of an on-going project to redesign a book cover every day, Susan has designed some twenty plus covers, a selection of which you can see on her website. Susan’s a talented Toronto graphic designer to whom aesthetics, design and sincerity are all the same thing, so you’ll be sure to find plenty of wonderful design on her portfolio. Check out her twitter or instagram to connect.

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