19th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair



We’ve all had this problem. Even if it’s a story we keep to ourselves or only share among our most intimate friends, we’ve all been there. Today, we’ve got a design crush on Bill Acheson’s “Where to Wee” app for Cintas Clean. A creative collaboration between Bill (Spacecadet Design), Dave Pitcher, Centrix, Visual Lizard, “Where To Wee” is perhaps the most thortful design we’ve featured so far on the blog.

Available for download on both the Google Play and Apple Stores, “Where to Wee” allows users to see what features each public bathroom has (disabled access, changing rooms, whether or not it’s free), and allows us to rate each bathroom by cleanliness and stock. Lifesaver! But really, Bill’s portfolio is exceptionally appealing to those looking for user friendly, no-frills, relevant design. Just see his work for the Winnipeg Art Gallery or Grajewski Photograph. Check him out on his personal web or on instagram to connect.

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