20th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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Today’s Thortful Design is one that will probably ring close to a lot of people’s hearts. We’ve featured Lina Mukovozova before (you can see her bee-branding here), but we thought we’d do it again, for her beautifully minimal posters against animal cruelty. Lina herself says the project was personal and her intention was to raise awareness in a more creative and subtle way, which we think is smart – as much as we love Thortful initiatives, people do have tendency to become desensitised to one type of promotion, leaving the designers to roll their sleeves up.

We’ve mentioned this before too, but Lina is a brilliant editorial designer, vector illustrator and web designer who dabbles in front-end development. We also happen to know she thinks outside the box and is far ahead of the game. Visit her personal website for clean, minimal, and modern design if you like what you’ve seen so far.

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