22nd September 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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At Thortful we’re very lucky that our headquarters are based right in the heart of Soho, which right now only means one thing: we’re right in the thick of London Fashion Week. The glitterati has descended upon our patch in a celebration of all things home-grown, well-designed and let’s face it, a bit strange. We know that our ‘thing’ is probably more character design and typography, but we can all afford to vary our interests a bit, can’t we?

So, since we’re in the mood, we thought we’d turn to exceptionally talented illustrator Zoe Volk to fill our illustration appetites. A 21-year-old graphic design student (and self-professed corgi lover) based in the great state of Illinois in the US, Zoe’s work is diverse and emphatically feminine, with an inherent softness to it. It has a strong nod to 90’s fashion (or perhaps the 2015-nod-to-90’s-fashion) and Zoe obviously has a well-practised hand. We think that, like Sunny Gu’s work, it would look very much at home among the powerful elite in fashion and beauty – who just so happen to be right outside. Connect with Zoe on her very soothing instagram or check out her Tumblr for regular inspiration.

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