27th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


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If you love the idea of Duff Beer, Patriot Ale or Butterbeer, you’ll love La Mix Tape Ale. Okay, we can’t really attest to that because we’ve never tried it, but we can confirm that you’ll 100% love Miriam Muñoz’s branding for La Mix Tape. We’ve featured her illustrations for Club Siroco before (you can see them here), but we noticed Miriam created this whimsy, 90’s inspired branding and we had to shout about it. Made in collaboration with beer brand Dawat and La Tape restaurant is Malasaña, Spain, Miriam says this particular ale is perfect with Tapas.

We think what it embodies most of all is Miriam’s clever, nostalgic and colourful approach to design. See her personal website here, see her instagram here or connect with her on twitter to congratulate her!

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