28th August 2015 Ghazzala Zubair


ExmouthMarket-JamieClarkeType ExmouthPrint-Framed-JamieClarkeType

In honour of #TGIF we thought we’d mix something to do with a bit of fantastic design by previously-featured Jamie Clarke. We’ve talked about Jamie’s typography and his commitment to his craft before, and you can see our blog post on his Brighton tribute here, but with the weather being as blue as it is, we thought Jamie’s other tribute, this time to Exmouth Market in London, was appropriately thortful.

As detail-oriented as ever, Jamie has managed to convey Exmouth Market’s 400-year history in one image, by incorporating no less than 40 motifs and landmarks unique to it in his lettering. We have to commend Jamie on his incredible patience and dexterity. You should too – on his website, or if you prefer social, try twitter or instagram.

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